Spider Monkey & Red Panda

Two new superheroes approach the horizon, Spider Monkey, a capuchin vanara named Eknath Woeten who has been bitten by a radioactive spider and can now act like a spider, as if acting like a monkey already wasn’t enough. Red Panda is a panda riksha named Amala Pandava who inherited the yin-yang belt which endows her with the powers necessary to defeat evil, with the fox representing yin and the dragon representing yang. But only the powers associated with the fox and yin have manifested in Amala, the dragon will manifest when she has become more balanced with her life.




(They do wear masks, it was just easier this way to show what they looked like in their super suits and to show their face at the same time. Eknath wears a full brown mask like Spider-man and Amala wears a half-mask in the same copper color as her outfit, the mask covering the top half of her face.)



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