This is the world of stories, music, magic, and travel. All of the countries are named after mythical places found on Earth. There are several similarities between the cultures of Agartha and Earth, but there are differences as well. One major difference is that where Earth is round, Agartha is flat

Magellanica (largest continent that’s located in the southwestern edge of the world)- Ausonia, Scheria, Rutas, Thule, Hybrasil, Dogger, Hyborea, Jotun, Thrinakia, Elysium, Panchaea, Pheaecia

Cassiterides (group of islands located between Magellanica and Meropis) – Podesta, Groclant, Phelipeaux, Pontchartrain, Yukiyo, Coaybay

Meropis (southern-most continent, east of the Cassiterides) –

Shambhala (second-largest continent, located just north of the Cassiterides) –

Lemuria (northern-most continent, east of Shambhala, smallest continent) –

Miscellaneous Islands (scattered throughout Agartha) –


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