Summary of Stories Starring Dominicans

(All of these stories are considered classics on the world of Camulic, the world on which my first novel takes place. So yeah, there’s going to be some similarities with some well-known tales from Earth. Can’t go too far without some references to their version of Pride & Prejudice or Chronicles of Narnia.)

Raymond Dominguez tells the tale of a lonely man forsaken by society and can only call a couple of people as something of friends in The Phantom of Domira Nostri. Abandoned at birth, Ambrose calls the local church his home and the priest who took him in as the only family he’s ever known. But thanks to a freak accident, a few people see Ambrose, and understand why he was abandoned. He seeks sanctuary in the church, only coming out at night to do his chores and try his hand at the organ. If one does not look upon him, but only listen to him, they will claim that he has the voice and mind of an angel. But thanks to the accident, he does not stay in the presence of others for long. But one day, that all changes when a beautiful woman enters the nearby convent, and through her prayers and the prayers of the priest who cared for him, Ambrose’s life changes for the better.

James Kendal’s holiday classic, An Assumition Aria, tells the story of a young man searching for fame and wealth as a lawyer. However, as Peter finds out one late Assumition night, that fame and fortune aren’t all what it’s cracked out to be as he’s visited by the spirit of a relative who was a lawyer. His relative, dear old Uncle George, then reveals that Peter will be visited by three spirits that night to show him the error of such a search. Uncle George leaves after one final message, Peter has by morning to decide if he will continue his search for fame and fortune, or if he will instead search for the family and friends that only God can give.

Little Imelda finds herself chasing a talking dog with a torch into a magical land in John Garbella’s timeless classic, Imelda in Wordland. Along the way, the preteen discovers a village of Wordlings, a flock of quill birds, a forest of books, a field of paper, and a lake of ink, all telling her that the Great Writer has another story to tell, and she’s the heroine. All Imelda wants is to go home, and in order to do that, must complete the story and allow the Great Writer to reveal to her the deepest secrets and the burning desires of her soul. But it’s up to Imelda to follow the Great Writer’s plan, or be stuck in Wordland forever.


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