Rereading Fairy Tales

“Hey Rose! What are you reading?” Hyacinth asked as he sat down by her at the picnic table.

“Oh, hi Hyacinth! I’m rereading the fairy tales, again.”

Hyacinth chuckled, “Go figure. So, um, where were you the past few days? You didn’t come down with something, did you?”

Rose shook her head, “No, not me, it was actually Bromius. He came down with the flu, and Asclepius had us all on quarantine to keep it contained, just in case anyone else had it. But we’re all fine, and Bromius was really the only one who had it. He’s still at home, though, but Asclepius is wondering if it might be something else.”

“Oh wow, I hope it’s nothing too serious.”

“I hope so too, I might find out when I get home today.”

“Well, I hope it’s nothing too serious.”

“Right, me too, and you already said that.”

“I-I did?”

Rose snickered as she nodded, “Yes you did.”

“Oh, um, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be! You’re fine.”

“Oh, right, uh, thanks,” Hyacinth grinned. There was a moment of awkward silence as they each tried to figure out what else to say.

“So, um, how is your family?”

“They’re doing good.”

“Still driving you crazy?”

Hyacinth chuckled softly, “When do they not?

“Oh, well, they seemed to have toned it down quite a bit when I was over.”

Hyacinth scoffed, “Oh well of course they did, you’re special to me . . . I mean . . . uh . . .”

Rose smiled as she blushed ever so slightly, “Well you’re special to me too, Hyacinth.” She reached for his chin and pulled him in for a kiss. “That’s what I wanted to do that night, but I couldn’t, not with our parents watching,” she uttered softly as they pulled back.

“Oh, but, but don’t you think we’re going a little too fast?”

“If you’ve been in love with someone for years, then this is really about time,” she muttered as she pulled him in for another kiss.

“And Narcissus?”

“He can go mope in a corner for all I care, he can even throw a temper tantrum, I’m not changing my mind. Especially now that I know that you love me in return.”

“Yes, and I always will love you. You, and only you,” whispered Hyacinth.

“Good, because if ever a dragon kidnapped me, I’m expecting you to come to my rescue.”

Hyacinth grinned, “Of course I will, but I thought you preferred saving yourself?”

“Little ole me against a big ole dragon? Are you nuts? It would take the both of us to take one down,” she quipped with her hands on her hips.

He chuckled as he gave a mock bow,”Alright, alright, yes ma’am, I’ll come to your rescue if a dragon kidnaps you. But only if you come to mine if I am changed into an animal or a flower.”

She pecked him on the cheek, “You got it, but first, we need to go on our next date. Where to, Mr. Dragon Slayer?”

“I don’t know, Miss Curse Breaker, I can think of quite a few places. Besides, we went to my house for the last time, shouldn’t it be your turn to pick where we go next?”

“Hmm . . . the mall’s pretty good this time of year.”


She laughed, “I’m kidding, the Garden Show would be much better.”

“Now that would be a great place to see. Does your mom know how long it’s going to be here this year?”

Rose thought for a moment before replying with, “I think she said it will only be here for two to three weeks. They’ve been in quite the demand the past couple of years.”

“Wow, then I guess I’d better get tickets soon before they’re all gone.”

Rose nodded, “You’d better, but I don’t think mom will have them for another couple of days.”

“Please keep an eye out for them and let me know as soon as she does get them? I don’t want to miss it.”

“Of course! Did you really think I’d knowingly make us miss out on the Garden Show just so we could go to the mall?”

“Not until you mentioned it,” mumbled Hyacinth.

“Well I want to go to the Garden Show way more than the mall, so don’t worry,” she grinned before she gave him a kiss on his cheek. A bell interrupted them as its toll echoed over the countryside.

“It’s already time for the next class?” blurted Hyacinth as the two practically jumped from their seats.

“Apparently, and too soon.”

“No kidding.” Hyacinth pulled Rose into another kiss. “I’ll see you after school.”

She smiled, “Alright, see you later!” She dashed off towards one side of the school and he towards the other, both eager to get school over with for the day so they could see each other again.


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