A Common Theme

Hello everyone!! I’m so glad you could join me today!! Ready for another fact about the universe of forty-two worlds? Well, here it is, one that should in fact be rather well known by now. Rose and Hyacinth belong together. No, seriously, no matter where you go, no matter when it is, if there is a Rose and a Hyacinth to be found, it’s almost a law now that they’re bound to get together. It doesn’t matter if anyone interferes, whether it’s to push them together, or even to break them apart, they do get together. One lady, the mother of one Hyacinth, to be exact, was the first one to use that phrase, that Rose and Hyacinth belong together. Now, on those worlds where they’ve actually noticed this phenomenon, the phrase has come to mean that two people are meant to be together without question, even if their names are Isabella and Jason. Now there are other variations, like Acacia or Pea with Valerian, and Lily with Basil. But Rose and Hyacinth are the ones that stick out the most, most likely since Hyacinth is less common of a name than Basil or Valerian. But it is a theme, one you’ll no doubt notice as we paddle through the stories of each world. However, you could say it started many, many years ago, not long before the islands left Islanra, with none other than my own son, Hyacinth.


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