A Pyramid of Treasure

Once upon a time, back when the cultures of Cojypsit were still very young, and the three great travelers had only recently passed, the kabas erected a pyramid in honor of the three over their graves. Many people traveled in order to see the great pyramid along with the stories the three had written down about their journey. Many items were out in the halls of the pyramid, items used or worn by the three, turning it into a museum of sorts. Many soon learned of the wonders and dangers Cojypsit had to offer, everything gathered painstakingly by the three travelers. This prompted quite a few people to set out and begin colonizing other parts of the world, now that they knew not only the good things to be had, but also the dangers and how to defeat them.

As the years went by, tales of the pyramid grew, as did the treasure that was supposedly buried with the three travelers, a treasure that had rarely ever been seen by anyone. Yet it was there, and many a kaba would often travel to the pyramid in need of money, only to be met with a few trinkets of treasure to relieve their financial crisis. But one day, the treasure mysteriously vanished, and many rumors and speculations arose as to what happened to it. Some supposed that an abada stole it, others suggested an itbarak, and still others suggested an apepi. But no matter what they did, they simply couldn’t find it.

Some years later, a young kaba had set out for Alizeria to go to college when he happened across a strange cave. It was not marked on any map, and, thinking he might join the ranks of the three great travelers, went in to explore. Much to his surprise, not only did he find the lost treasure of the pyramid, but also an abada guarding it. The abada was in its turtle form and rose cautiously upon the approach of the young kaba. The abada asked why the kaba was present, and the kaba quickly explained, ending with the question of the treasure. The abada replied that he was guarding it for someone for pay, and knew not how the treasure came to be there. The kaba questioned the honesty of the abada’s employer, and the two set out to find the answer. The abada led the kaba to his employer’s stately manor where, before the two entered the house, they overheard the employer boast of his accomplishments as the thief of the treasure. The two, the abada especially, were indignant with the pride and greediness of the fellow and opted to take him to the authorities. A quick skirmish occurred as the two entered the house to capture the fellow, who was a high-ranking kaba. With the help of some of the servants, they were able to apprehend the criminal and take him in. They also helped to restore the treasure to its rightful place, the pyramid of the three great travelers. The abada was hired as the new guard of the treasure, and the young kaba finally got to Alizeria. After finishing college, he came back and became the new head of operations at the pyramid, turning it into a better museum, one that was open to change.


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