The Story of the Papyrus

A long time ago, on the world of Cojypsit, lived a kaba named Marik. This kaba, while very holy, was also curious about the world they lived in. Only a few generations had gone by since the several species had come to call the new world home, and as such, not much was really known about it. Wishing to put an end to the ignorance, Marik and two friends, Mosef and Josem, set out to explore the world of Cojypsit. They came across many wonderful sights, and quite a few dangerous ones. But during it all, Marik could only complain that they had nothing portable to write on, though they had found plenty of items to use to write with, like a bennu feather and the sap of a tree they called the altamar. But nothing to write on, that is, as of yet. Marik hoped that God would lead them to something, anything that could be used as a writing surface and began a novena with such a goal in mind.

Marik’s prayers were answered as, the day after they finished the novena; they came across a plant that very much resembled a plant from the old world of Kemir called the papyrus. It was almost an exact replica of the original plant, if not the plant itself. Brimming with excitement as all three knew the stories told of Kemir, they set to harvesting and processing the plant in order to make paper. However, the three weren’t sure how the process should work and had to make several attempts in getting the process down right. And the first thing that Marik wrote down on the very first piece of paper was the exact steps they took in order to make the paper. They were ecstatic with the results, Marik in particular was happy as now everyone could have paper to write on. But early the next morning, they got another surprise.

It was Mosef who noticed it first, a grey-green frog with a yellow underside and light yellow feet. He quickly woke the other two, and after a quick breaking of the camp, followed the frog further into the wilderness. The frog led them straight to a marsh full of papyruses and frogs. Mosef stepped into the marsh and brushed past the first line of papyruses when it looked like several of the leaves took off!! But on closer, slower inspection, the three found out that it was merely a camouflaged dragonfly, its elongated green body looking very similar to the leaves of the papyrus. The three were quite glad, and grateful, to have been allowed to see such a sight and praised God in the field not just for the privilege of seeing such a sight, but also for being led to the papyruses.

The three continued on their journey, Mosef finding out he was quite good with direction and finding their way by using the stars and other signs while Josem found out the medicinal purposes of several plants. They took great care in mapping and naming everything they came across so as to make things relatively easy for everyone back home. As such, not only were they credited with exploring and mapping the world of Cojypsit, they were also credited with discovering the tools for writing, the best way to further their culture.


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