Four Quests

Four quests to four islands, one made of gold, one shrouded in mist, one in the clouds, and one beneath the sea.
Find them all, and you will know, the secrets that they hide, the mysteries that there will be.
But be warned, it will be hard, and remember that seven will rule and nine hold the key.

Evil influence spreads through the minds of qarin like a virus, threatening their very existence. Unknown to them, genies have arrived with a solution, send four groups of seven qarin each to the world of Islanra to find four safe havens, the four purest islands. They will evacuate what is left of the good qarin and leave Erth, hoping to bait the evil qarin, or the qutrub, into following them. But there are even things the genies do not know, and it will take everything they have, and perfect teamwork, to get through everything thrown their way.

(Titles are a working progress right now, as are the novels themselves, but three titles are definite, though, Love’s Burning Arrow, Love’s Treasured Heart, and Devotion’s Steady Blade.)


(Qarin are one of the seven races of djinn, the lowest of the races, to be exact, like an in-between of humans and genies. They look mostly similar to humans, the main differences being the animal extras (mostly wings, the others usually consist of a pelt), a slight golden tint to their skin (due to having ichor instead of blood, so their blushes make them look more like a lemon than a tomato), and diamond-shaped irises and pupils.

Erth is practically a mirror image of Earth, and does have several similar sounding names. But the qarin and the lampades live primarily on the American side, while all of the other races/species live on the Eurasian/African side.)


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