The Appearance of the Monkey King

“It’s impossible! It’s unnatural! A vanara acting like a spider, it’s just completely unnatural!” exclaimed the mayor, his bear-like mouth curled in a growl.

“Oh, are you referring to Spider-Monkey?” asked his monkey-like secretary.

“Who else?”

“Oh, so you have a problem with a vanara acting like a spider, but no problem with a riksha acting like a fox?”

“That’s even worse!”

She sighed and rolled her eyes as a slight smile tugged at her lips, “Of course it is. But you’ve got to admit, they do a pretty good job of saving people in Indara.”

Mayor Jambhal sighed as he sat into his chair, “Yes, that is quite true, which is why I can only complain about their unnaturalness, there’s really nothing else I can do as they are the city’s heroes.”

Miss Singh began to smirk, “Well, sir, there is one thing.”

Jambhal raised an eyebrow, “What’s that?”

“You can accept them and praise them for their good work.”

Jambhal growled, “Whatever, let’s just get back to work Miss Singh.”

“Yes sir.” For a few minutes, the only sounds were of pens scribbling away on paper and of paper being shuffled around. The relative peace and quiet was disrupted by a loud crash.

“What the?” growled the mayor as he stood up and glanced out his window. A gasp escaped his lips as he quickly dashed out of the office, and just in time as the window shattered.

“Mayor Jambhal!” exclaimed Miss Singh as she went to check on her employer.

“Anshu Jambhal!” shouted another voice from outside the window. The two gasped as a figure dressed in golden armour and a dark blue cape stepped into the window, his spear used as a cane almost. He removed his mask to reveal the face of a vanara.

“Ajmil Hangal!” exclaimed Jambhal.

“No! I am the Monkey King! You will bow before me!”

Jambhal blinked before rising and growling, “You’re no Hanuman! Besides, shouldn’t the Monkey King aim for the capital, not the mayoral office of Indara?”

Ajmil blinked before bursting out laughing, “First Indara, and then the rest of Agnai!”

“What? Why?”

“Get the largest city in Agnai under my rule, and the rest of the country will fall easily.”

“And what happens when the largest city doesn’t get under your rule?”

“Oh, it will, Jambhal, it will, because I’ll kill you.” With a shout Ajmil charged, but Jambhal was a bit bigger than him, and was able to swipe the vanara’s spear from him.

“How were you planning on killing me again?” growled Jambhal. He only asked out of annoyance, he had won fair and square in the mayoral race against Ajmil. But before Ajmil could reply, Jambhal broke the spear in half. Jambhal was of the largest race of rikshas, giving him practically an unfair advantage over Ajmil in terms of brawn.

But Ajmil only laughed, “It was most certainly not with that spear, Jambhal, for you see, I truly have the powers of the Monkey King!” With another laugh, Ajmil seemed to grow in size. Miss Singh immediately ran to call the police, leaving Jambhal to face down a larger Ajmil. “Now we are truly even Jambhal, time for you to step down!”

“I won the elections fair and square, Ajmil! I will not let the people of Indara be ruled by a tyrant like you, a tyrant who could never live up to the greatness that was Hanuman!” growled Jambhal. With a roar, he charged, the two fighting furiously. But with Ajmil’s power, Jambhal was losing, and fast.

Ajmil got him into a strangle hold, “Now who’s the bigger, better mayor, huh, Jambhal?”

“How about one who listens to his people?” Ajmil glanced behind him, just as some string wrapped around him and pulled him backwards, pulling him off of Jambhal. Ajmil finally got a good look at his new opponent, a masked vanara dressed in a brown and black suit with the insignia of a spider on his chest and thin copper lines running throughout.

“Spider Monkey?”

“Oh good, you do know who I am, I don’t have to go into one of those long-winded introductions,” he quipped.

His partner, a riksha in a copper red, fox-like costume with a yin-yang symbol on her chest, hopped into the room, “Spider Monkey, you’ve always been well-known; it’s I who needs the long winded introduction.”

“Unfortunately true. Why is that though? You’re clearly the pretty one.” She giggled as he gave her a peck on the cheek.

Ajmil began to fume, “You’re flirting, in my presence?”

“Nah, just making fools of ourselves because you’re wearing a sillier costume than us.”

Ajmil roared, “I am the Monkey King! You will bow before me!”

“I’m already on my hands and knees, what more do you want from me?” quipped Spider Monkey before leaping out of the way of Ajmil’s fist. Red Panda jumped to the other side of the room, out of the way of Ajmil’s other fist.

“Things are tougher now with three people, eh?” growled Jambhal.

“Mr. Mayor! You need to evacuate at once!” exclaimed Miss Singh as she tried to pull her employer away.

“Mr. Mayor, your safety is important to the welfare of the city! Go!” shouted Red Panda.

“I won’t go down without a fight!”

Spider Monkey shrugged, “OK, if you insist.”

“Spider Monkey!” He just swung around Ajmil and kicked Jambhal hard, sending the riksha clear through the double doors.

“Thank you, I’ll take care of the mayor from here!” stated Miss Singh before running out the double doors.

“Thanks! And we’ll . . .”

“Spider Monkey!” But there was no need for the warning; his spider senses warned him in time.

“Whoa!” He ducked right as Ajmil’s hand came swooping over him, and quickly swung away. “Alright, Red Panda, let’s see if we can’t get his majesty some room, shall we?”

Red Panda smiled, “With pleasure.”

“Come back here, you two!” roared Ajmil as he chased them out the window.

“Why? You’re coming after us!” quipped Spider Monkey as the two turned to face Ajmil. Ajmil brought his fists down, but the two jumped out of the way. Red Panda’s tail began to light up, and the city below slowly dissipated into a lush meadow surrounded by a dense forest.

“You can’t fool me, Red Panda, I know your powers deal with illusion! The roof is still . . . is still . . .” Ajmil paused as he felt the ground with his foot and the grass bent beneath it.

“Except, her illusions can become very real, but, only for a short time, so let’s make this quick, shall we?” Spider Monkey rushed Ajmil, and kicked him off his feet. Ajmil quickly got back up, realizing he had found quite the opponent in Spider Monkey. He charged, and Spider Monkey slid under his large body. Red Panda rushed forward and slugged Ajmil, sending him back into a large web. With a roar, Ajmil tore up the web and rushed the duo. He tried to pummel them at every chance he got, but their quick reflexes and super strength helped them outmaneuver him and tire him out. He began to shrink back to normal size, allowing him a better chance at attacking them. He managed to catch Spider Monkey and sent him sprawling before turning and slamming Red Panda into a tree, hard, ending the illusion. Red Panda let out a scream as she fell, while Ajmil jumped onto a hovering motorbike and flew away. Spider Monkey came swinging around the corner, and caught Red Panda.

“Are you alright?”

“Why didn’t you go after him?”asked Red Panda as she wrapped her arms around Spider Monkey’s neck. He swung up to the rooftop.

“I promised you I wouldn’t let you fall.”

“Well you didn’t let me fall, he did!”

“I know, and he’ll be back, don’t worry, we’ll be ready. How hard could it be?” Red Panda only eyed him as the duo left the roof. They went to check on their grumbling mayor before taking their leave, not knowing how right Spider Monkey would be. The Monkey King would be back, but they might not be ready after all.


Vanara: Monkey humanoid, basically, ranging in height from four to six feet.

Riksha: Bear humanoid, basically, ranging in height from five to seven feet, only species known to have interbred successfully with the vanaras.

Kinnara: A humanoid with the grey, back legs of a horse, grey-purple wings attached to its bat-like arms and claw-like hands, a beak-shaped mouth, bird eyes, and a horse’s mane for hair.


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