Agnes’ father was the one who was waiting for them at the front office with Joe. Explanations were well underway, along with wedding preparations. St. Dionysius was restored to its former glory and the statue was found and returned to its proper place. It is a beautiful statue, our Lady is dressed in purple and blue royal garments with vines at her feet, a goblet in her right hand and grapes in her left. Phillip and Agnes were married in St. Dionysius and returned home to Ivy Hollow for a while before heading off for their honeymoon. Lovely couple, those two. Yes, Quincy was really Phillip under a spell. See, Franco put him under a spell because Phillip had seen Agnes and was interested in her, and Franco was right in assuming that she might prefer Phillip over him. And I don’t blame her, she saw Franco as more of an uncle or even a father figure, not a future spouse. So, Phillip became Quincy until he could free Agnes, which freed both of them from their spells. Joe’s now the owner of the Cabin Motel, and the Emerald Cabin is the most sought after spot to stay in. As for Franco, well, don’t worry, I didn’t do anything too drastic to him. I chased him to the top of Diamond Falls, and he fell. No, I didn’t let him die, there was still some good to be found in him, he just had to find it. So, I turned him into a bird, a raven, to be exact, and told him that the only way to break the spell was if he truly, and I mean truly, was sorry for his sins and could see past the outward looks and see the inner soul. And let that be a lesson to all of you, because we apparently have to keep repeating it. It is not the outside that matters, but the inside. Yes, in terms of romance you kind of have to be attracted to your future spouse, but when it comes to doing good for all, looks shouldn’t matter one tiny bit. Heck, even when it comes to becoming friends, it shouldn’t matter. This world isn’t exactly perfect, after all, so stop looking for it, and start being it. By becoming the best you can be, the better this world will become. Also, remember to give the birthday Boy some presents, it wasn’t just for us to give each other presents. Have a merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!


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