Matthew’s Universe: Prologue

Hello there! I’m Matthew Bleu, and I’m going to be your tour guide for this trip. Now, don’t worry about trying to remember everything right now, the test at the end is fairly simple. Just kidding, there is no test! And you can always come back and take a look over everything. Right now, I’m just introducing to you to the myriad of worlds in this universe, and all the species that live there. It is a good idea to keep this little pamphlet nearby as there will be stories that interact with each other, and clash. Some stories span several worlds, and time, others take place on only one world and in a few days.

So, sit back and relax, and let this genie take you on the trip of your lifetime. OK, well, there are other stories that say that too, but this is truly the journey of your lifetime. Bet not all the other stories take you through forty different worlds, now do they? And don’t try to remember everything at once, it will get confusing. It’s best if you take it slow. And don’t ask any questions, I’ll probably be answering them before you can think of them. Then again, I am a blue. Oh, right, you don’t know about that yet either. Well then, time to take off and head towards our first destination, the world of Alixandria, the world where I was born.

(For more of the tour, check out my Patreon account! Each world will be posted as they are finished!)


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