The Fish & the Troll

Once upon a time, on the outskirts of Heavalem, lived an elderly man, his wife and their youngest son. The elderly man once served the King dutifully, and was given a handsome house as payment for his exceptional services, his family able to live in comfortable means. But now most of his children had grown up and moved out, leaving the youngest, Tobey, with them. He and his mother began taking care of his father, his eyesight slowly going on him. Because of this, Tobey’s father had to send him to Florengia to collect from someone who owed him, having gotten a letter stating that the man could pay the rest of his debt. Tobey went off on his merry way, taking his dog with him. Along the way, Tobey met a man named Raphael who offered to lead Toby to Florengia and back and provide company. Tobey readily agreed, and the two continued on to Florengia.

Along the way, they stopped at a river to rest and replenish their energy. There, a fish rose up to attack young Tobey, but with Raphael’s aid and under his direction, they caught the fish and ate it for their dinner. Raphael directed Tobey to keep the heart, liver, and gall bladder for a later use. Tobey did as his friend told him, and the two were back on the road to Florengia the next morning, getting to the town by mid-afternoon. Once there, they heard the prince of Florengia complain of his daughter’s woes, every man she married ended up dead the next morning. Raphael took Tobey aside and told him how to free the princess from her curse, using the fish’s heart and liver. Toby decided to try his luck, and was soon married to the lovely Sarah. That night, Tobey did as Raphael told him, and burned the heart and liver in the bedroom while the two prayed to God. Meanwhile, the troll who had been killing Sarah’s husbands, was disgusted by the smell of the fish’s heart and liver, and ran off into the night, but not before Raphael battled with him to make sure he never bothered Sarah again.

The next morning, Tobey surprised the town by being very much alive, something to which the prince threw another party, happy that God freed his little girl from her curse. Sometime later, after gathering the payment due his father, Tobey and Raphael left Florengia for the journey back home. Tobey’s parents greeted him with a warm welcome, and thanked Raphael for watching over their youngest. But Raphael wasn’t done yet, he told Tobey to take the gall bladder from the fish and rub it over his father’s eyes. Tobey did so, and his father could see again. The family thanked their friend profusely, offering him jewels and livestock for his services, but he refused. Revealing that he was a servant of the King sent to watch over Tobey on his journey and to restore his father’s eyesight. Raphael soon left the family in high spirits. The family soon moved to Florengia, and when the prince passed, Tobey and Sarah took over as prince and princess, ruling with wisdom and kindness, and often times receiving advice from their old friend, Raphael.


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