Keeping Harmony

“Captain, there’s a message for you from the Admiral.”

T’lal pushed the intercom button, “Patch it through to my quarters, Dynal.”

“Yes ma’am.” T’lal waited a few seconds, and the image of the Admiral came through on her personal screen.

“Good evening, Admiral Jefferies, how are you?”

“Good evening, Captain T’lal, I’m doing quite well, thank you. And you?”

“Doing well, thank you, may I ask the purpose of your call?”

Admiral Jefferies smiled, “Straight to the point, as always, T’lal. I’m contacting you because we have received a distress signal from the Harmony station; it seems they’re having some problems with some Ferengi and Klingons and requested that a Federation ship takes care of the situation. You’re the closest Federation ship, and the President of the Federation is scheduled for a visit on stardate 2256.39, so you understand why we need this cleared up as quickly as possible.”

“Of course sir, we will take care of it immediately.”

“Thank you, T’lal, I’m sending you the exact details of the commotion so you are prepared to handle it.”

“Thank you, Admiral.”

“No, thank you, and, good luck.” With that, the Admiral’s face disappeared from the screen, and a file appeared. T’lal opened it and took a quick look at it before leaving her desk. She entered the bridge, her Commander rising immediately upon seeing her. “At ease, we just received a mission from Admiral Jefferies. The Harmony station requires our assistance with some rowdy Ferengi and Klingons.” She turned to her head of security, “I will need your help with your people, Lieutenant Steyri.”

Steyri nodded, “Of course, Captain.”

‘Thank you. Mr. Murdock, Miss Aita, put in the coordinates for the Harmony station.” T’lal sat down in her chair and pushed the intercom button, telling the whole crew the news before turning to her commander. “Are you up for a little diplomacy, Mr. Ahuket?”

The Betazoid smirked, “It’s my specialty, Captain.”

T’lal’s lips twitched, “Of course. Miss Aita, are the coordinates in?”

“Yes ma’am,” came Aita’s Italian voice.

“Then let’s go.”

“Yes ma’am,” replied Murdock in his thick Irish accent before turning to the console and hitting the switch. The stars on the screen zipped by them as they traveled through hyperspace. It didn’t take long before the Etude was pulling into one of the hangers at Harmony. T’lal authorized shore leave for several crew members while she, Ahuket, Steyri, and the head communications officer Talla Chipana Olaya met with the captain of Harmony, a Bajoran by the name of Maryit Ottih.

“Thank you so much for coming here, Captain, I’m at my wits end. I’ve tried everything, and they won’t listen to me!”

“Well, Captain, why don’t you tell us what happened and everything you know. Since my head of security is a Klingon, I will send her to gather the Klingons’ side of the story, and my communications officer to the Ferengi.” Maryit nodded and explained.

The Klingons and the Ferengi arrived at the dock only minutes apart, needing supplies and a break from the confines of their ships. It was pretty peaceful the first few days after their arrival, trades had been going on and the Klingons showed off some of their fighting skills. But at the one week mark, a group of Klingons and a group of Ferengi got into a brawl in one of the mess halls. From what could be gathered, one of the Ferengi traded something with no value for something of rather great value from a Klingon. When the Klingon wanted their property back after realizing the cheap deal he had been given, the Ferengi refused, stated it was a fair trade, and tried to get out. But the other Klingons detained him, resulting in the other Ferengi to cause quite the ruckus; a few attempted to attack the Klingons, and ended up with quite a few bruises that they complained quite frequently about.

“And now, the Captains of both crews demand justice be served for the wrongs committed to them, but there’s nothing I can come up with that will work for them, and they won’t leave until they have justice!”

T’lal nodded, “I understand. I will send my officers to gather the specifics and I request a meeting between the Captains tomorrow night. Will that work for you, Captain?”

Maryit nodded, “Wonderfully, how can I ever thank you Captain?”

“Perhaps allowing us to have some shore leave here for a few days? I’m sure my crew needs it.”

“Of course! A great many thanks.”

“Not at all, I will have a judgment for you when we convene tomorrow.”

“Wonderful, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” T’lal and her officers left the Captain, Steyri heading for the Klingon vessel, Talla for the Ferengi. They got their reports back to T’lal before dinner that evening, allowing their Captain time to mull over the best route to take. Urah joined her, and helped her as best as he could with finding something appropriate. But by the time the meeting convened, T’lal had a ready answer, and argument, just in case.

“Captain Maryit, Captain Zaxon, Captain Trirr, thank you all for meeting me this evening . . .”

“You will see to it that those rotten Ferengi return my crew’s property?” growled Trirr.

“I assume, Captain T’lal, that you will make those uncivilized Klingons pay for what they did to my crew,” blurted Zaxon.

“That is why I am here, and if you do not trust or you are unhappy with my judgment, then I suggest you leave now and forget the whole thing, or I will detain you until I see fit. Am I clear?”

“Yes ma’am,” grumbled the two Captains. Steyri and Talla glanced at each other and the Captains in surprise, they agreed pretty quickly. Urah began to smirk, though they might change their minds once they heard what T’lal had in mind.

“Good, Captain Zaxon, many species know the very business-like minds of the Ferengi cannot be always trusted . . .”


“Let me finish, the item your crew obtained from the Klingons shall be returned . . .”


Trirr bowed his head, “Thank you Captain.”

“And the Klingons will clean the Ferengi’s merchandise for the next two days.”

Trirr stood up, “Captain!”

“You are guests of the Harmony station, instead of taking your complaints to Captain Maryit, your men took matters into their own hands. I am grateful that your men restrained themselves . . .”

“Restrained? Captain! May I remind you that many of my men are incapable of doing anything? I need them to do more than two days!”

“I had my doctor check your men; they are completely fine, nothing more than a bunch of bruises, really. And if there’s anything I know about Klingons, they can do a whole lot worse.” Zaxon seemed to get a little nervous at that, but T’lal was right, a Klingon could do a lot of damage to a Ferengi, to just about anyone, for that matter. “So, are we in agreement?”

Trirr sighed as he sat back down, “Very well, Captain, I will agree to your terms . . . as long as we get our item back.”

“Captain Zaxon?”

“Alright, alright, if two days is all I’ll get, fine, we’ll return the item.”

T’lal nodded, “Thank you. I believe we are finished here.”

“Thank you, Captain,” stated Zaxon before walking out briskly.

Trirr nodded as he watched the Ferengi leave, “Yes, thank you Captain, but how can we be sure that they will keep their promise?”

“I will be here for the next three days, we’ll make sure.”

Trirr shook her and, “Thank you Captain. Good night.” He gave a little bow before walking out.

“Thank you Captain! That went better than I thought it would!”

“I think that went much better than we all thought,” quipped Urah.

“No kidding,” muttered Talla.

“I agree, it went rather well, but like I said, we will be here for the next couple of days to help you keep an eye on things. We can only hope that they will leave the station just as peacefully as they did this room.”

“And with you keeping watch, I’m sure it will. Thank you, again, Captain T’lal, for everything.”

T’lal smiled, “It was my pleasure. I plan to stay until the President’s visit to make sure no other incidents mess things up for you.”

Maryit smiled warmly, “Thank you again, Captain, you are too wonderful!” He brought her hand to his lips before leaving the room.

“Well, that was interesting,” muttered Urah.

“Captain, may we?” began Talla.

T’lal nodded, “You’re dismissed. Steyri, make sure security knows to keep an eye on interactions between the Ferengi and the Klingons. Report back to me if anything suspicious were to arise.”

“Yes ma’am,” replied Steyri before she and Talla left. T’lal and Urah followed them not long afterwards, making their way back towards the ship at a leisurely pace.

“Think they’ll actually cooperate?” T’lal asked.

“Well, Trirr was set on it, but I can’t sense the Ferengi, so I can’t say for sure,” shrugged Urah. He glanced at her, “You really should take some time off yourself.”

“But the Ferengi and the Klingons . . .”

Urah laughed, “You can take your time off between their departure and the arrival of the President, there should be plenty of time for that.”

“Alright, fine, I shall take a few days off.”

“Thank you, feelings aren’t the only things that need some time to recharge.” He winked at her. She merely groaned. They walked on in silence until they reached her quarters.

“Well, good night, Captain.”

“Good night, Commander.” He glanced up and down the corridor before giving her a quick peck on the cheek and dashing off. T’lal gave a little smirk before settling in for the night.


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