Return to Powers

No!” she screamed when she saw the wolf form lying in front of the alter. She rushed to his side, tears streaming down her face. ”Don’t you die on me, Lyrco, please hang on!”

The wolf’s tawny eyes peeled open as he gasped, “Wh-what? No, Kahari, you need to get out of here, now! Go, run!”

“I’m afraid it’s too late, lycanthrope, your girlfriend isn’t going anywhere,” stated a calm voice, the man himself entering the room. Kahari took a protective stance between the man and Lyrco. Lyrco attempted to stand and get in front of Kahari, but the loss of blood caused him to collapse.

“Lyrco, conserve your energy . . .” she began as she stood up to face the man.

“Kahari . . . don’t . . . please . . . no,” gasped Lyrco.

Kahari turned to the man, “What do you want?”

“Take a look around you, my dear, what do you think I want?” She did look, and she saw a castle in ruins, drapes ragged and torn, glass broken in several windows, debris scattered around the floor.

She turned back to the man, “You want to return this to its former glory, but not just the castle, everything that went with it as well.”

“Smart girl.”

“But, why?”

The man walked closer towards her, “Because that was when we lapiths were in complete control! We didn’t share this power with any other species!”

“What’s wrong with the other species?”

“They were put here to serve us, not to be our equals!”

”Wh-what? How can you think like that?”

“Easy, my dear, they’re different from us, nothing more than monsters. There’s really nothing stopping them from destroying our species.”

“No! If you actually got to know them . . . ah!” The man grabbed Kahari by her throat. Lyrco let out a growl as he tried to get back up.

“You see, they’re animals.”

“He’s only trying to protect me,” she whispered. “Would you not protect the ones you love?” Something zipped between the two and embedded itself in the far wall. They glanced over at the door, there stood a masked man clad in green, brown, and red, a bow and arrow at the ready, and a masked satyr at his side. “Pravelos!”

“Let her go, Mexas.” Mexas growled, but he threw Kahari in the path of the arrow and bolted towards another door. Pravelos let loose another arrow, barely missing Mexas. “Tachys, get them out of here, I’m going after Mexas.”

“Right, be careful.” Pravelos nodded before taking off after Mexas. Tachys pulled Lyrco over his shoulder and, grabbing Kahari’s hand, took them out of the castle and straight to a forest green car.

Kahari gasped, “Is that the Xylinito?”

Tachys grinned as he eased Lyrco into the back seat, “Yes ma’am, it is. Now, think you could help me bandage up your boyfriend?”

“Oh right, sorry.” Kahari dove into the back seat and helped clean up and bandage up Lyrco. They were cleaning up the first aid kit when Pravelos approached the vehicle.

“You lost him?” asked Tachys.

Pravelos sighed, “I’m afraid so, he’s slippery and apparently knows the castle better than I do. You didn’t see him come out this way, did you?”

Tachys shook his head, “No sir.”

“Well, guess we’ll just have to be really quick next time. Come on, let’s get these two home.” Pravelos got into the driver’s seat, and drove away from the castle, unaware of the pair of eyes watching them leave.


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