Cemetary Waltz

Night has fallen and the land is still

But not for long, as night creatures will

Take their turn to roam the land

Make their own noise, play in their band

But there are some places they will not comb

Other things happen wherever there’s a tomb.


A haunting song begins to play

Something of a signal that says OK

It’s safe to come out now and have some fun

Let’s party all night, until we see the sun

But not all are in the party mood

Like that lonely girl in the black hood.


The music continues all through the night

The ghostly couples dance in the pale moonlight

One breaks off and approaches the girl

He offers his hand, asking for a swirl

She slowly agrees, revealing raven locks

He promises to stay until the crow of the cocks.


She places her hand into his

The two so close that they could kiss

As he leads her across the ground

Every now and then spinning her around

Keeping in time to the beat of the tune

Their only light coming from the moon.


They continue dancing all through the night

Their only focus on each other, illuminated by moonlight

Not a word passed between them as they swayed

But then not a word was needed to be said

Dancing together was all that was needed

Until the crows of the cocks had to be heeded.


The music slowly comes to a stop

And ghosts return to their graves without a pop

All except the boy lingering with the girl

As his fingers play with each little curl

He gives her a kiss that marks the end of their fun

As both disappear under the rays of the sun.


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