Dancing in the Sun

Once upon a time, on the outskirts of Rosama, lived two sisters and their families. They lived quite comfortably, living off the land and their flock. The three youngest, Lucia from one family, Francisco and Jacinta from the other, were the ones who took the flock out to pasture, the three playing as the sheep grazed. One day, they ventured into the forest as they played hide-and-seek, and happened upon a great lady. They only knew that as she was tended to by three maids. The lady invited them closer, and they could see she had a fine face, her brown hair and lace veil accenting her face just right. The children got over their fears, and talked with the lady quite casually about Rosama and themselves until they had to take their flocks back home. The lady asked them to come back to the same spot for the next five months on the thirteenth of each month. The children promised before they left to take care of the flock, talking excitedly about the encounter on their way home and promising to not to tell their families. However, Jacinta revealed what had happened, and the news spread like wildfire. When the children went back into the forest on the day requested, they had a few people following to see the lady. But there was a tent this time, and no one but the children were allowed entry. The same thing happened for the next couple of months, and soon speculations and concerns came to light. Did the children actually see a real lady, or was it a troll in disguise? Yes, the children came out of the tent with knowledge of how better to serve the King, but a troll knew the same things and could easily twist it ever so slightly to convince people to stop following the King. And there were the secrets, secrets the children refused to tell anyone. The mayor of Rosama threatened the children if they refused to tell the secrets and kept telling such lies about a grand lady. But the children persevered, and finally, the great day came.

The lady revealed herself to the people at the last meeting with the children; she was none other than Queen Mary! The people rejoiced and threw a party in her honor, apologizing to the children for not believing them. The queen explained she had been searching for a new place for a church, and asked that it be built where she had met the children. The people of Rosama willingly obliged and built the church as their Queen requested. After it all had fairly died down, the children went about their days as before, though they could not help but express a desire to not only see the Queen again, but to serve her and her son the King. They soon got their wish, two years later, the Queen returned. She asked Lucia to stay in Rosama to overlook the progress in the town, while she wanted Francisco and Jacinta to join her in Heavalem. The three readily accepted. Lucia stayed in Rosama for many years, doing as the Queen bid her to do. There were times where she felt lonely, longing for the company of her cousins and the Queen. But the day finally came when she was summoned to Heavalem, and she answered the call without hesitation, leaving behind a legacy of kindness and faith, a legacy upheld by the people of Rosama.


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