A Genie’s True Form

“So, you want to see my true form, eh? How badly do you want this?” he whispered, leaning closer to his captor.

“How badly do you want your friend hurt, genie?” came the threatening reply. The genie leaned back against the post he was bound to and glanced over his captor’s shoulders at the young man bound and gagged on the other side of the room. The young man shook his head, eyes wide with fear. The genie only closed his eyes, and smiled.

“You really think you’re the one in control here, don’t you? Doesn’t matter, I will do as you ask. It’s just, you really ought to be careful of what you wish for.” The genie opened his eyes, resulting in gasps from everyone. His eyes no longer looked human, nor animal, for that matter. What was once white now was a pale baby-blue while the pupils were a dark navy and his irises a deep shade of sky blue. But what really made his eyes look unnatural was that his irises and pupils were in the shape of stars. The change didn’t stop there, the rest of his face changed into shades of blue and his hair turned navy. The captor and his minions took several steps back as the changes continued on down his neck and arms, his clothes hiding the rest of his seven-and-a-half foot body.

“Remove your shirt,” the captor told him when the genie took his hands out of his bonds to show them off.

The genie flashed his pale baby-blue teeth, “As you wish.” With one swift motion, the shirt flew off to reveal the shimmering blue skin, if one could call it that. The genie’s “flesh” seemed to be made of a thick, oil-like substance that looked aflame. “Ether, the element of the portals,” the genie explained to the questioning, awe-struck faces.

“Which explains why you cannot be killed,” the captor finally said.

“And why we cannot be contained, unless we wish it,” the genie replied as the chains fell off his feet. He flew to the to the young man and freed him. “Shall we take our leave?”

The young man scanned the genie’s face, imprinting the image in his mind before replying with, “Yes, let’s.” The genie picked up the young man, and the two disappeared into a portal. It was some time before anyone moved.

“Sir, what do we do now?”

“Nothing, with something that powerful protecting him, we would be better off as allies than enemies,” he said before he left.

The genie’s major forms, as drawn by the talented Maddy Moore!!

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