Their planet’s name (Rosca) is pronounced Ros -cha.

Pixi/Pixie (i.e. Captain Rosara) – The pixie are a rather trusting race, which has led them into dangerous situations. But they continue to learn from their mistakes, and their leadership skills show it. Standing between three and four feet, they look mostly human, with light human skin color and human hair colors, except for the flowers on their backs and their bark brown bones. Their eyes match the color of their flower, and when they get old, their hair, eyes, and flower colors all begin to fade.


Melissa/Melissae– The melissae are more cautious than the pixie in meeting new races/species, and as such, are often the commanders/second-in-command and security. Standing at only three feet and plump, they are excellent warriors when the need arises, showing excellent skill with a blade. Then again, at first glance, they don’t seem intimidating, with their pale ebony skin, striped hair (typically yellow and black, but can be pure black, pure yellow, or orange/brown and black), jet black or amber eyes, and bee wings.


Encantado/Encantadoe – Dolphin shifters, and the tallest of the races, standing between five and six feet with pale silvery skin; blue, brown, gray, or the very rare pink hair; and dark brown or blue eyes. They are very friendly, usually among the first to interact with new races on other planets. Though the tallest, they are not quite as intimidating as the melissae can be, but it’s not a good idea to get on an encantado’s bad side either.


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