Flight of the Primrosa

“Captain, all systems are on and functioning, we are ready to go.”

“Thank you Carial, take us out and . . . head for Castarla, please.”

“With pleasure, Captain Marrel,” smiled Carial as she turned back to her station to put in the coordinates. She hit the go button, and the ship flew off into the stars. As the stars streaked by, the Captain got on the loudspeakers for an announcement.

“Ladies and gentlemen, first of all, I want to thank you for joining me in exploring the stars. I appreciate your hard work in keeping this ship together and flying. We have plotted a course for Castarla as the mysteries of the Aster constellation have yet to be explored. I’m sure that we shall soon find out if the Primrosa will meet the expectations of the Rose class. Battle will only be a last resort, but be prepared for anything. May Marielle and Jescariah protect us all, and that we follow their guidance well. Over and out.”

It was a full month later that they entered the Castarla system and discovered just how right their captain was in choosing the star. Sensors picked up signs of life on the fourth planet orbiting the twin suns. The Primrosa landed on the fourth moon, the farthest from the planet, and two teams were put together to go to the surface. They opted for stealth in gathering information about the people of the planet before revealing their presence, not wishing to become another Starbell. But fate seemed to have other plans.

The two away teams returned with primarily good news, all but one of the species on the planet called Plestra were interested in learning more about space and the ways of the Roscae. That one species, the ordogs, were rather strange. They were primarily all white, but they could change the color of their skin, hair, and eyes, making it rather hard to know for sure where they were, especially for the inexperienced eyes of the Roscae. What really frustrated the Roscae was that they didn’t care at all about the beauty and grandeur of space; they really didn’t care about anyone or anything but themselves.

Despite that, it was fairly easy for the Captain to reach a decision, the Plestrans, with the exception of the ordogs, were passionate about the stars, they would receive any information the Roscae had about the stars and space travel. When they finally revealed themselves, there was a worldwide celebration, and the majority of the Plestrans eagerly agreed to the propositions of the Roscae. Classes were soon started and plans were underway to build the very first Plestran spaceship. But the ordogs were still vehemently against anything to do with space and sabotaged the Roscae at every chance they got. The Roscae, however, stubbornly refused to give up and ploughed through every setback and mess thrown their way.

One year after the Primrosa arrived at Plestra, an ordog managed to get on board the ship with a class. After learning a bit of how the ship worked, he brought up his friends, and the group set about destroying the ship. When they were finally caught and stopped, there was enough damage done that the ship was going to crash. Everyone was evacuated to the surface, except the Captain.

“Captain! Captain Marrel! You need to evacuate immediately!”

“No! I cannot! If I leave the ship unattended, it could crash on a city! I will steer it to someplace uninhabited.”

“But Captain!”

“No buts, Marosio! You must make sure that these people know the truth, and keep reaching for the stars! The ordogs may have won this round, but let them know that even now Marielle and Jescariah are working to make good come out of this. Someone will find the Primrosa when it is time for her to fly again. Make sure Therosa and Antrosio have little interference in their missions. You might have to get mean with the ordogs, but I’m sure everyone else would be more than willing to help. Ah-ha!”


“There’s an island that’s completely uninhabited, I’ll land the Primrosa there.”

“Really? Where . . .?”

“No time gent! Just have everything ready for when she’s found, got it?”

“Y-yes sir,” muttered Marosio

“Love ya, baby brother, you take care of each other now, ya hear?”

“I-I hear you, big brother, and I love you too.”

“Good, see ya with Marielle and Jescariah.”

“Right,” replied Marosio, only to be met by static. Sighing, he related the captain’s final orders to the stranded crew. They soon went their separate ways, going to fit in with the locals of their new home. They were still met with an eager audience, and so continued to teach about the stars, space travel, and the ways of the Roscae. Marosio kept his promise to his brother and led their people to the best of his abilities. He did go on several expeditions to find the Primrosa, but always came back empty-handed. However, no matter what happened, they kept their hope alive that the Primrosa would be found one day. When that would be, they didn’t know, but they were eagerly looking forward to it.




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