Gate of Heaven

By your heart inflamed with God’s love

You lead us towards the realm above

Oh dearest Queen, Mother mine

Your heart shows us the way to life divine

For you have been given the keys to God’s heart

Help us to take in life both the sweet and the tart

By your heart pierced with seven swords

Help us to watch our thoughts and words

Help us fight against the snares of the devil

To keep us from walking down the path to evil

Riddled with temptations, so wide and broad

That road that takes us away from God

By your heart wreathed with roses

Help us makes sure our heart never closes

To God’s grace and light

Give us the strength to fight!

Against the impurities of the flesh

Help us keep our souls clean and fresh

By your heart made holy and pure

You helped bring to the world its Cure

Help us to keep Him safe in our hearts

And to continue doing with fervor our parts

So that one day we will win this race

And receive the reward of seeing God’s face.


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