The ten figures swooped in on the city, the buildings all aglow from the light of the setting sun. The first steed to land was a golden hippogriff, a creature with the head and body of a horse, the feet, mane, and tail of a lion, and the wings of an angel. The second was an amber longma, with the head, mane, and body of a horse, and the feet, tail, scales, and wings of a dragon. The third an ornate, or brown-and-black, pterippus, with the head, mane, and body of a horse, and the feet, tail, and wings of an eagle. The fourth a white hippocamp, with the head, mane, and body of a horse, the horn of a unicorn, the tail of a fish, and webbed hooves and webbed wings. The final one was a rust-and-jade hippalectryon, with the body, head, and mane of a horse, the legs and horns of a sheep, the tail and wings of a rooster, and feet that looked like a mix of claw and hoof. The five who alighted from the backs of the steeds looked like they were of the same species, the napaeae; tall, slender, elf-like beings with marbleized skin, though of varying colors, hair layered in various shades of brown, green-gold eyes, conch shell-like ears, a strong chin, and a fine nose.

“Hail Dalvin, what is this about?” asked the blue-clad napaeae with the hippogriff as he strode towards the center of their circle.

Dalvin, the napaeae with the hippalectryon, sighed, “We have heard from the genie, it will begin soon.”

The hand of the red-clad napaeae flew to her mouth, “So soon?”

“Why, we’ve only been on Islanra for six hundred years! Other races have had longer on their home-worlds,” grumbled the yellow-clad napaeae as she crossed her arms.

“Pitera!” exclaimed the green-clad napaeae.

Dalvin shook his head, “No, she’s right, Lacono, compared to the other races, we have not had that much time. Most have had at least fifteen hundred years, some going into two thousand, we haven’t even reached a thousand yet. But, I have also heard that the genies will move us to a world where the land actually stays above the sea all the time.” The four glanced at him in surprise.

“The land stays above the sea?” asked Lacono incredulously.

“All the time?” asked Disoro, the one in blue.

Dalvin nodded, “Yes, just think, we’ll be able to see the sky all the time! We won’t have to worry about forins*, or being under water for who knows how long . . .”

“Even though we like it,” mumbled the hippocamp.

Lacano patted his steed, “I know, Masihara, but your kind was meant to be in the sea, not us napaeae.”

“And to have stable ground beneath our feet sounds really good,” muttered Pitera.

The pterippus nickered, “Even though you do have solid ground to stand on here?”

“Whatever,” scoffed Pitera. A soft rumbling resounded over the slowly dimming city.

“Tripura is beginning to sink!” blurted Vene as she pointed out a shimmering wall that was slowly enveloping the city. The five quickly mounted their steeds.

“Let your islands know the move is happening soon!” exclaimed Dalvin as they took off for the skies.

“We will,” chorused the other four as they went their separate ways.

*forins are force fields that happen naturally on the islands of Islanra as the islands periodically sink beneath the sea and rise into the atmosphere, some have even made into outer space.


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