Psotnicks are a rather gentle, and genteel, race. Typically known as the peacemakers of Plestra, there have been a few who desired war, but for the most part, choose to follow the diplomatic path first. This path reveals their thirst for knowledge, in particular a strong curiosity about what lies out there. They grow up to stand between three and four feet, they have rosy-cream skin, red/orange/yellow curly hair, green/blue/purple eyes, a button nose, and small feet that allow them walk across the ground as light as a feather.

Viltans are very similar to the psotnicks and mingle quite closely with them, except they are louder, more boisterous, rather mischievous, and typically have a quick temper. They are the same size as psotnicks, with pale blue-grey skin, straight hair and eyes that come in every shade of the rainbow (except white, black, brown, and their shades), slightly larger noses and feet than psotnicks, though they are capable of waltzing across the ground as light as a feather.

Centaurs are a very scholarly and academic race, enjoying the chance to learn, and usually, to show off their knowledge. Their brains have evolved to the point where they can learn just about anything, and remember each detail precisely. With being the biggest of all the races on Plestra, and notably the strangest with the bottom half the body of a horse and the top half the torso of a human, they can get around pretty quickly and are often left unchallenged by the other races, in both brain and brawn. Their human half has golden tan skin; large, slightly pointed ears; hair the same shade as their horse half (typically shades of red, orange, white, or yellow); and horse-like eyes ranging from red to yellow, their pupils a dark blue instead of black.

Caiporas are a rather solitary race, preferring smaller family units to large crowds. There are some, like the Commander, who have gotten used to a larger crowd, but most prefer smaller groups overall. The tallest standing at five feet, they are like a mix of bear and human. They talk with a human mouth, stand, and have hands like humans, but are covered in the fur of a bear, with bear ears and nose. Their eyes are similar to those of a bear’s as well, giving them excellent night vision, and even coming in colors like blue and grey (basically a taller Ewok, with more bear-like tendencies).

Myrmidons are practically the exact opposite of caiporas, enjoying large crowds and working well with them. They are ant shifters, capable of becoming the size of a regular ant, to growing to be about four feet, whether in ant form or humanoid form. Their humanoid form sort of matches their ant form, their skin color being the same (whether red, brown, or black), with four arms and a pair of legs, the tips of their ears look like antennae, are capable of picking up items twenty-times their weight, and the royalty have wings. Their society is the only one that is matriarchal, with only a Queen as ruler. Kings are completely absent, the title of Prince the highest title any male could achieve. Unlike ants, however, workers are both male and female, though only male workers could rise to royalty by marrying a Princess.

Laumes are to the sky what Myrmidons are to the earth. Laumes can in fact fly, but only for short periods of time, typically preferring to float around, sometimes even making it look like they’re swimming in the air. Their society is technically the only one that is truly patriarchal, with only a King as ruler, no queens; the other races tend to have more equality among the sexes (besides the Myrmidons) even though wives do tend to change their last name to that of their husbands. Standing at about five feet tall, they have very pale blue skin, cloud-like hair, and eyes that will change color based on the weather (i.e. yellow-green for tornadoes, blue for clear skies, grey for rain).

Ordogs are often on bad terms with the rest of the races of Plestra, trying to stop exploration of the stars by sabotaging any attempts to get into outer space and destroying the curiosity in the stars. The reason for this has long since been forgotten, prompting many to wonder if it was a valid reason after all. Most continue to wage war against astronomy and space technology, but some have changed their views, even becoming top astronomers and space techs. They can get up to four feet tall and are completely white, from their hair to their toes, their eyes being usually brown or grey, with the rare occurrences of amber. But that’s not the scariest thing about them, oh no, what’s scarier is that they can change colors, their hair, skin, and eyes, all can change color, allowing them the ability to blend in with almost any race. Though, those who eventually embark on space missions put this power to good use as they can blend in with the locals and gather info.


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