The Santas


On Alixandria, there are six major holidays, each with its own Santa. (Starting with the guys, the one in the back with white hair is Santa Claus, the one next to him is Santa Tino, and the one standing in front of them is Santa Misha. For the girls, the one in the back with the yellow skirt is Santa Lisa, the one next to her in pink is Santa Lene, and the one in the front is Santa Brielle.)

Candlemas (March 25, Annunciation) Technically the actual spring holiday, but it is now considered more along the lines of Women’s and Girls’ Day, as the Sunday nearest (or whenever it is a Sunday) is Mother’s Day. Santa Brielle typically hands out presents to good girls, sometimes including the women on the fun.

Pascalmas (First or Second Sunday of April, Easter) This holiday overshadows Candlemas as the major spring holiday as bunnies, flowers, and eggs decorate the house. Santa Lene brings tasty Pascalmas treats for all children, along with a note reminding them to be good.

Baptistmas (June 24, Midsummer, St. John’s Day) The summer holiday of fireworks, barbecues, and bonfires, signalling the height of the season. Santa Lisa primarily gives firecrackers, firewood, and the makings for s’mores so the children can go out and enjoy the fun. Sometimes, she’ll give items for some fun at the beach.

Michaelmas (September 29, St. Michael’s Day) Technically the actual autumn holiday, this day has become more of Men’s and Boys’ Day, the Sunday closest to it (or when it is a Sunday) is Father’s Day. Santa Misha brings goodies to the good boys, and sometimes the men, along with a note telling them what they did good that year.

Hallowmas (October 21, Halloween) Though not as close to Michaelmas as Pascalmas is to Candlemas, Hallowmas still overshadows Michaelmas as being the major autumn holiday. Being primarily a holiday celebrating the harvest, it has also become a time to remember the dead. Santa Tino brings tasty treats straight from the harvest to good children, usually leaving bad children with a seed (or more, if need be) and instructions on how to care for the plant.

Christmas (Dec 25) The biggest holiday of the bunch, Pascalmas being a close second, overflowing with themes of love and friendship amidst the winter winds. Santa Claus gives presents to the good children, and coal for the naughty children along with instructions on how to light a fire.


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