Clown & the Snake King

Clown & the Snake King

  1. Billy Bona arrives at the Baris house for Baptistmas (Midsummer’s Day), giving the children an elaborate theme park and circus. Along with the mechanical toy, there are four plush figures, each snatched up quickly by each of the four Baris children. Judith, the youngest, snatches up the elephant, Martha, the second to youngest, grabs the pretty acrobat, Dominic, the eldest, takes the ringmaster, leaving Jean, the second eldest, with the rather cute clown.
  2. Jean stays up long after the fireworks end, thinking about the excitement of the day, when a noise from the living room attracts her. She goes to investigate, and finds the toys engaged in a deadly battle against poisonous snakes. She jumps into the action, only for everyone to be sucked into a portal to another world, where Jean and her Clown finally defeat the Snake King.
  3. Jean tries to find a way home when she and the Clown are met by sparkling fairies, Nunos, dancing on sunlight. They tell them that their queen, the Candied Watermelon Fairy, might know a way way back home.
  4. The Candied Watermelon Fairy greets them among a party of other nunos, leuceae (cotton candy), nisse (ice cream), peanut meliae, and brownies.
  5. At the end of the party, the Candied Watermelon Fairy crowns them king and queen, and tells them that they have one wish as their royal rights. Jean instantly wishes for them to return home.
  6. Jean wakes up back in her own room, in her own bed. She rushes to the living room, and finds no evidence of the battle the night before, except that her Clown has gone missing. Billy Bona arrives not long afterwards with a grand announcement, he wants the Baris family to meet his son, George. Jean realizes with a start that George looks exactly like her Clown, eventually getting the whole story from him.

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