Sunny Sands

A long time ago, when the genies brought the five races to Alixandria, the world was wild and chaotic. To bring some order to nature, four nasnas, part human and part genie beings, were assigned the tasks of bringing each season on time. The nasna to whom was entrusted the season of summer is known as Sunny Sands, a feisty, yet playful girl. With birds and bugs as her orchestra and the sunlight as her dancing partner, she would dance around the world, warming up the land and evaporating the water for the autumn storms. Her constant stop, the place where she was commonly found, were the beaches where many traveled for some summer fun. But she wouldn’t always stay there for long, she would spread mischief to other parts of the world, especially the forests. There, the light and the heat was welcomed by many who were living in an otherwise cold and dark world. But one house in particular, though now a shadow of what it once was, was forever altered during one summer.

Sunny was up to her usual mischief when she chanced upon a young boy hurrying home with excitement in his eyes and a little drawstring bag held tightly in his right hand. Curious, she followed him home, and quickly found out he had exchanged a cow for five magic beans. Sunny could understand the mother’s frustration, but when the beans landed outside, Sunny realized with a gasp that they were magic, no doubt plucked from the beanstalks in the middle of the world. She danced around the beans, guiding the sunlight to shine upon every single one. Satisfied with her work, she left to continue bringing sunlight to the rest of the forest. When she returned the next day, the stalk had towered into the sky, the top of it practically disappearing into the clouds. The mother was busy gathering some giant beans, but her son and daughter were nowhere in sight. Sunny flew up the beanstalk, the stalk spiralling to a tiny point at the top, just a few feet above the clouds, but there was no sign of the children. She went back down the beanstalk slowly, keeping an eye out for the telltale signs of a portal. She found it, not far from where the clouds touched the stalk, hidden behind a leaf. She flew through, and found herself standing next to another stalk, a much smaller stalk than the one she left. Marking the spot where the portal was hidden, she went off in search of the children. She found the girl first and led her right back to the portal, making sure she went through and had begun climbing down the beanstalk before going back to search for the boy. She found him not far from where she had found his sister, he had been running from something. Sunny gave no thought to what he might be running from and led him straight to the portal. She guided and helped him down the beanstalk since he was holding on fast to a bag. As soon as they reached the bottom, he dropped the bag to grab an ax, and began chopping away at the beanstalk. After about thirty minutes, with help from both his mother and Sunny, the beanstalk fell. While the family set about gathering the rest of the beans and chopping up the stalk into smaller pieces, Sunny directed the sunlight and intensified the heat, making the roots dry and shrivel up. As thanks for her help, the boy handed Sunny a packet of non-magical seeds to plant wherever she wanted. Wanting to be closer to her plants, she planted them around the beaches and had to content herself with waiting for them to grow.

About a year went by before Sunny could see how her plants were doing, only to find that they were all growing into trees. The leaves of the trees were only at the top and were spread out like fans while the beautiful, big flowers came in an array of colors. The fruit of this tree was also strange, needing sharp knives to break the skin in order to get to the white, juicy flesh. Sunny showed the family what became of the seeds they gave her, and the boy recounted his adventure on the other side of the portal and how he required the seeds. It is for that reason that the coconut and the hibiscus flower are given at going-away parties and homecomings, a sign of courage in partaking in an adventure away from the comforts of home.


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