Possible Guardians of Childhood

Here are a few ideas on possible future Guardians (several of whom are/will be included in my Big Four fanfictions). Enjoy!

Jack O’Leary – (In my head canon, the son of Jack Frost and Rapunzel, artistic and mischievous.) Jack O’Lantern, or less known as Stingy Jack. He likes to take people’s fears and turn them inside out, and upside down. He wants to help people face their fears at Halloween. Something of a drama queen, likes to dress up and put on plays. His center is Courage.

Mary O’Malley – (In my head canon, the daughter of Hiccup and Merida.) The May Queen, Celtic maiden of the summer holiday of May Day/Beltane. Since fire and flowers both are associated with her and the holiday, she has dual powers (and something of dual temperaments, though she tends to be more calm). Her center is Purity.

Lucia Lofgren – (Probably going to be the daughter of Elsa in my head canon.) The Scandinavian maiden who brings food on St. Lucy’s Day, a holiday which once coincided with the first day of winter, but is now more of a Festival of Lights in anticipation of Christmas. Her center is Light.
Brigitte Kelly – (Probably going to be the daughter of Anna in my head canon.) Brigid Kildare, the Celtic maiden of Candlemas/Imbolc (yes, even Groundhog Day). Like Lucia, her festival is associated with lights, but there are more spring elements involved, like the snowdrop and the lamb. Her center is Innocence.

David Harlan – (In my head canon, the son of Moana and Joey Harker from Interworld. Yes, I ship Moana with somebody already, be quiet.) Davy Jones, “Triton”, King of the Waves, King of the Seven Seas, and yes, is pretty good with a surfboard. Though he does deal with the dead of the sea, he really does enjoy protecting the fun of the beaches and the thrill of sailing. His center is Adventure.
Phil Peterson – The Groundhog, sort of a mediator between Jack Frost and the Easter Bunny, and though he is more well-known, he does admire Brigid. (She stands her ground with Jack, he just wants another five minutes . . . or six weeks). His center is Anticipation.

Peter Pan – The spirit of summer, protector of happy thoughts, and best friend to Jack Frost. Though the two have opposite powers, their personalities are anything but. They both like fun, a good laugh, and beating up Pitch. His center is Trust.

Patrick O’Sullivan – The Leprechaun, special protector of the Celtic peoples, and the Ombric (so to speak) to the Celtic guardians. Just don’t ever talk to him about alcohol, he’ll go into this tirade about how everyone’s mixing up the drunk Clurichaun with the serious Leprechaun. Though many may think his center is Luck, it’s actually Family.
Grace O’Sullivan – Lady Luck, either the sister, wife, or daughter of Patrick (I prefer daughter). She takes and hands out both good and bad luck. Her center is Luck.

Larry Green – The Green Man, spirit of spring, and protector of forests, and he’s somewhat ambiguous. True, Patrick can always count on him to save the children, but he has been known to work with Pitch on several occasions, usually for the maturing of the child. His center is Growth.
Catrina Castillo – La Muerte, Lady of the Day of the Dead, and protectress of memories. Not the happy, playful memories of childhood that Tooth protects, but the memories of loved ones long since passed. And instead of teeth, she collects the candles, flowers, and other ornaments left at graves for the loved ones. Her center is Filial Piety.

Samuel Anderson – Uncle Sam, personification of the USA, and, despite his flag-inspired costume, is a rather military-like fellow. Since he represents the land of the free and the home of the brave, he provides quite the staunch stumbling block to Pitch. His center is Patriotism/Duty.

Justine Smith – Lady Justice, sometimes a companion to Uncle Sam, blindfolded so as to judge fairly. She will listen to all sides before turning to logic to met out punishments or rewards. Her center is Justice.

Wapasha – The Medicine Man, though Sioux, is a representative of all the Native Americans. He desires to help heal those who have been hurt, and to help those who hurt to ask for forgiveness. With his center as Mercy, he is the heart to Lady Justice’s mind.
Dennis Bordeaux – Dionysus/Bacchus, the head of the Mardi Gras festivities, and the representative of the blending of cultures found in New Orleans. He is constantly found reminding people to take a break from their stressful work and to go have a party. His center is Playfulness/Parties.

Valentine Lovelace – “Cupid”, patron of St. Valentine’s Day, and a bit more logical than what is normally portrayed. He spreads the love between friends, family, and even the occasional crush. (It is rumored that he has something of a crush on the Tooth Fairy.) His center is Love (duh).

Basil St. North – St. Basil, Ded Moroz, the Russian “Santa Claus” of New Year’s. Perhaps a cousin of Nicholas, he brings presents to the children of Russia and Eastern Orthodox, usually handing out the presents on New Year’s Day to the watchful children (though his name could be changed to Basil Frost since Ded Moroz translates to Grandfather Frost. Possibly Jack Frost’s real grandfather?). His center is Patience.
Charles York – Baby New Year, often looked after by Ombric (Father Time) and Basil. Is perhaps the weirdest, yet most human, of the whole group as he ages with the year, becoming young again on New Year’s Day. His center is Change.
Caspar, Melchior, Balthazar – (In my head canon, reborn as North’s and Katherine’s sons.) The Three Wise Men, the Three Kings, searchers of the Christ Child, and bearers of gifts (now for the children of Europe). They hand out presents on Epiphany (Jan 6) usually the night before. They are present in the parade the next day, each representing the three (at the time) great continents, Caspar for Europe, Melchior for Asia, and Balthazar for Africa (though all three were from Persia). Their center is Truth.
Noemi Colombo – (Also reborn as North’s and Katherine’s daughter.) Befana, the Italian witch of Epiphany. She let the Three Wise Men stay at her house while they searched for the Christ Child. They invited her to join them, but she declined. Later, she changed her mind, but could not find them or the Christ Child. She continues to search, taking time off every year to hand out presents to the good children at Epiphany. Her center is Faith.
Nyala Ibori – Mami Wata, Rain Queen of Africa, and head guardian of the African people (which could mean Kwanzaa is her holiday here in the States). She enjoys creating mud and water holes for the children to play in, and watching their friendships grow. Her center is Friendship.
Gurumarra – The Rainbow Serpent of Australia, and Mami Wata’s constant companion. He helps her with the rain, hence why rainbows can seen, even while it is still raining. His center is Sharing.

Amir Javan – Amu Nowruz, the “Santa Claus” of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year that takes place on the spring equinox. Like Basil, Amir hands out the presents on the day of, but unlike him, has a spring theme. His center is Kindness.
Zhao Gongming – Caishen, Chinese god of wealth and prosperity, lord of the Chinese New Year festivities. He has a rod with which he can turn iron and stone into gold, and a black tiger as his constant companion (regardless of the year’s animal). He tends to call the Man in the Moon the Jade Emperor. His center is Generosity.
Karl Sauer – The Headless Horseman, second-in-command to Pitch Black, trapped in Sleepy Hollow because of a spell laid by some Dutch bowlers. Now that the spell is weakening, Karl can’t wait to get back out and help Pitch spread terror. (Jack O’Lantern becomes his arch-nemesis.)

I think that’s all, for now. There’s bound to be more, but I can’t think of any (nor find many more . . . unless you want to include Father Christmas, or Santa’s helpers who punish bad children, like Krampus. Though, I am on the look-out for an autumn figure). If there’s any more you know of, or think of, don’t hesitate to add to the list!


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