The Masked Butler

Nico glanced out of the window at his island kingdom, the city of Venice sparkling against the night sky just a little further ahead on the horizon.
“My liege, a word, please?” Nico turned from the window to look at the skeleton of a man standing on the other side of his desk.
“Yes Erik?”
“This letter is in particular need of your attention.” Nico sighed as he took the letter.
“What is it this time?” Erik let the letter give the reply. “Scipio Massimo has gone missing, has he? What does it matter to the good Dottore? His family is nothing more than a poster for him to hide his selfish, greedy ways. Erik, why did you think this deserved my attention?”
Erik’s teeth curled, “Because the future of young Scipio would interest you more than the good image of his father.”
Nico raised his eyebrow, “What do you mean?”
“Begging your pardon, my liege, but I did some digging on Scipio Massimo, Apparently he was rescuing orphans from the streets and letting them stay in the Massimos’ abandoned theatre, the Stellar. And, according to the children, not only did he come and go as he pleased, they claim he could almost shadow travel, as good as he was popping in and out of the shadows.” Nico’s other eyebrow went up. “I don’t think he can actually shadow travel, I think his expertise borders more on the theatrical, much like my own.”
“And what would you have me do once we find him? He probably ran away and would not want to be returned to his overbearing father, which I would be more than happy to oblige to leave him be.”
“If he has indeed run away, there could still be the possibility of kidnapping.”
“But no ransom note, thus, he ran away.”
“Very well, he ran away. We help him with a new identity.”
“Well, finding a body at the morgue and dressing him up is no biggie, leave that to me. As for his identity, well, from the descriptions I’ve gathered, he could very well pass as your cousin, or even your brother.”
Nico glared at Erik, “You know why he can never be a member of the di Angelo family.”
Erik nodded before pointing at the letter, “Yes, but if this is any indication, it seems that young Massimo is capable of far more than even his father knew of.”
Nico’s eyes passed between Erik and the letter, “Which makes you wonder if he’s the missing piece of the puzzle.”
“Precisely, though do keep in mind, I could be wrong.”
“But if you’re right . . .” Nico’s lips curled into a grin, “Let’s find Scipio Massimo and see where this takes us.”
“With pleasure, my liege. Shall I send a letter to the grieving father immediately?”
“Of course, but only give the slightest hint that we are considering foul play, it will be easier to break the news later.”
“Of course.” With that, Erik left the room and Nico returned his gaze to the scene outside the window.
“This should be interesting.” And what more perfect words to say, if only he could see into the future, he could see how truly interesting it would be, and how dangerous.


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