The Four Riders

There are four of them, four who ride single file into the night, bringing forth the representation of what is to come. The first rider, sitting gallantly upon a white sleipnir, carries a bow and wears a crown, bringing victory across the land. His name is Zeus; his lightning bolts are shot from his bow like arrows, streaking across the sky in a vibrant display of fireworks. When he comes, all must bow to him as he continues his conquest on his path. The one who comes after, though, does not bring much to celebrate. The red sleipnir bears a rider who carries a mighty sword, and none can have peace when he arrives. Lugh is his name, and war follows in his wake. None are safe from his bloody influence as he brings devastation to the land, his ravens circling in the sky. Then approaches the third rider; sensing that the time is ripe for his influence. He rides a black sleipnir into the fields, and his coming brings dread to all. He holds a scale in one hand, and a stalk of wheat in the other. His name is Odin, and famine is his power, often the after affects of a war. He is usually seen flanked by both ravens and wolves. Finally, the last rider slurs forward, slumped over a sickly green sleipnir. He looks frail, but he is strong for he must carry the scythe to gather what is left of those that Odin did not gather. This is Osiris, and he has power over death. He and his sleipnir look very thin and weak, but they are the most powerful of the four, and they are sometimes the judge of souls, separating them for their final destination. These are the four riders that will ride before the end of the world. They ride together now so that we know the end has not come yet, but when they ride alone, one leaving as the other arrives, then the end has come, and we must be ready.


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