Chloe Flores

A long time ago, when the genies brought the five races to Alixandria, the world was wild and chaotic. To bring some order to nature, four nasnas, part human and part genie beings, were assigned the tasks of bringing each season on time. The nasna to whom the season of spring was entrusted is known as Chloe Flores, a sweet, rather shy girl who loved to sing and dance. Every step she took, bulbs and grass would spring up, and for every note she sang, everything seemed to become more alive. She would paint delicate designs on flowers and trees, her palette full of vibrant colors. But she prefered to sing and dance to bring spring into the world, allowing her to see the smiles of delight on people’s faces to see the world alive and young again. There were several who went about their day without giving much of a notice to the changes in nature, but there had been one who’s downcast face caught Chloe’s attention, and she set about to right it. The boy was clearly agitated as the grass beneath his feet revealed that he had been pacing for quite some time. Though shy, Chloe was worried and wanted to relieve him of stress. It took her a little while, but she finally approached the boy and asked him about his problem. Once the boy got over his initial shock, he explained that he was despairing that a friend of his would ever get through the forest and to her grandma’s. Chloe offered to go to the forest and search for his friend, promising to send a bird to him if they needed help. With that, she became invisible, and set off through the forest to find the girl. She walked the path for about half an hour before coming across a girl in a red cloak picking flowers just a few feet from the path. Letting out a sigh of relief, Chloe left the girl to her flower-picking and took to the skies to scope out the forest ahead, keeping an eye out for anything that could do harm to the girl. Finding nothing upon the path ahead to a little cottage, Chloe returned to where she had left the girl, and came upon both the boy and the girl walking towards the cottage, chatting away about a lone wolf prowling the woods. Chloe revealed herself for the boy to glimpse quickly, giving him a sign that all was well, before disappearing again. As she did so, she noticed a few seeds fall out of the girl’s basket. Chloe quickly covered them with some dirt before the birds got to them, and left the woods to finish bringing spring to the rest of the world.

A few years later, Chloe went to revisit that spot to see how the plants were coming along, and was met by a couple of trees, their branches swaying gracefully in the wind. As she plucked a few of the highest flowers, she overheard a group passing underneath talk of a story about a boy and a girl who overcame the lone wolf that had been terrorizing the woods. The last two members of the group paused at the tree, and Chloe just about fell out of the tree in surprise, they were the boy and the girl she had helped all those years ago! Both were now almost grown-up, and the boy mentioned that the tree was a sign of hope, as the two of them brought hope to their town. Chloe smiled as she revealed herself quickly to the couple before flying away, taking several seeds of the tree with her, thus bringing the cashew tree and its fragrant lilies, now common as symbols of hope, to the rest of the world.


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