Korrigan – Standing at 4 foot 1 with skin color ranging from magenta to red, brown hair, amber eyes, and curved, elf-like ears, they have an uncanny ability to heal just about anything, and if they can’t, they figure out a way to heal it. They have found that they are pretty good farmers as well.


Sabad – Standing at 4 foot 1 with skin color ranging from orange to yellow, white hair, fawn-colored eyes, and angular, elf-like ears, they make for good soldiers. Whether it’s their ability to remain calm during times of stress, or their fiery tempers, they certainly have a fondness of keeping their weapons close by.


Jana – Standing at 4 foot 1 with skin color ranging from green to cyan, gray hair, taupe eyes, and rounded elf-like ears, their patience and logic have made them excellent scientists. With math as their second strong suit, they enter into any situation with reason and the facts at hand, and if they don’t have all the answers, they’ll find it out for sure.


Sanziana – Standing at 4 foot 1 with skin color ranging from blue to purple, black hair, maroon eyes, and twisted elf-like ears, they have a good eye for color and a good ear for music. Their art and music have a tendency to not only speak to those who are looking at or listening to it, it also conveys the truth.


Parpari – Standing at 3 foot 6 with umber-colored skin, multi-colored hair, blue, green, or yellow eyes, and toucan wings, these guys are the shortest of all the races, but they certainly know how to hold their own against a larger opponent. Well-trained at a young age in numerous fighting styles doubled with fierce determination and bold courage, they are a formidable force to reckon with.


Astomi – Standing at 5 foot 3 with ochre-colored skin, various colors of eyes and hair (though the colors match), and a rather large nose, these are one of the tallest races yet they are the most peaceful. Though they have mouths, they use their noses to consume their food, the scent and pollen of flowers.


MelusineMelusine – Standing at 5 foot 3 with crystalline skin, multi-colored hair, rainbow eyes, and the ability to change their legs into a snake’s tail, this aquatic people prefers being alone to large crowds. Despite that, they work quite well with the other races, primarily on a one-on-one.


Likho – Standing at 4 foot 8 with khaki-colored skin, jet black hair, bulging black eyes, and mantidfly wings, they are determined to suck the world of its color. As to why they have this malicious distaste of color, it is still to be known, though many have found out that biologically they have no problem with it, meaning it could be psychological.

The Ringbow is similar to Saturn’s rings, coming in the colors of the rainbow. When a meteor shower occurs, stones from the Ringbow are known to have fallen to Balor, many of which have become jewels gracing the crowns of royalty, even if they may seem dull. Those who are generally more picky might exchange their stone with the Melusine, who prefer a dull stone since just about everything in the sea sparkles. The Ringbow is also looked upon as a symbol of the Great Father watching over them with rainbows being symbols of His messengers coming with words of wisdom or shades entering into the Great Father’s kingdom.


Shade is the Balori word for ghosts and the dead.


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