Rainbow at Night

“Well I guess this starts the exercise, We’d better head out and get this over with so we can go to bed,” stated Tado, finishing up with a big yawn.

“Alright, let’s go,” muttered Panthra as he picked up a lantern, followed by Tado with his lantern. Rabben merely shrugged and grinned before he grabbed his lantern, followed closely by Pigeor who quickly snatched up his. The two walked towards the library, keeping their chatter down to a murmur.

“Um, Pigeor, there’s something I want to tell you.”

Pigeor glanced at his friend, “What is it, Rabben? Can’t it wait until after the exercise?”

Rabben turned to slowly close the library door before turning back to Pigeor and shaking his head, “No, I don’t know when the next time will be before I can tell you this in private.” Pigeor blinked, what was so important? Rabben sighed, “My real name is Valrin Scalundy.”

Pigeor’s eyes widened, “You, you’re, why, you’re . . .”

Rabben nodded, sighing, “One of a long line of the Adlean royalty.”

“You’re a prince!” Pigeor finally blurted. Rabben burst out laughing and he pushed Pigeor further into the library.

“Yes, I’m a prince. Is it really that hard seeing one doing such hard labor and training hard to fight for his people?”

“Um, I’m afraid so, and I’m sorry for practically telling the masters where we are.”

Rabben paused by the window, shaking his head, “No need to apologize, I probably should have warned you that I was about to dump some big news on you.”

“But why are you telling me this?”

Rabben shrugged, “I can tell you’re trustworthy, and I wanted to tell somebody. Going around being called by a different name is kind of nerve-wracking.”

“But why just me, why not tell everybody?”

“Because right now, besides Master Cayos, you’re the only one I know I can trust with this. Just for right now, though, we will have to eventually tell each other everything about ourselves.”

“But you’ve known Panthra and Tado longer than me!”

“Because the rest of my past isn’t for the faint of heart, or the very judgemental.”

“Oh, I see.” Pigeor glanced out the window, trying to wrap his mind around what he had just learned, little though it may be. “Hey, it’s stopped raining.”

“The monsoon’s stopped?” gasped Rabben, his eyes widening.

Pigeor blinked, “They’re usually longer than this?”

Rabben nodded, “Some have gone on for two weeks.”

Pigeor’s mouthed dropped before breathing, “Whoa, that long? How did you stand it?”

Rabben chuckled, “Very patiently, but considering how hot it can get here, it’s kind of worth it.”

“Ah, so the monsoon actually cools things down, huh?”

“Yes, quite nicely, and then it gets hot all over again.”

“That must be hard to deal with.”

“You have no idea, but I think you will soon.”

“Oh, great, thanks,” Pigeor grinned sheepishly. He glanced back out the window and looked a little higher. “Wait, is that the ringbow?” He gasped, “Why, it’s practically glowing!” He turned and ran out of the library, Rabben hot on his tail.

“Master Cayos, Master Dowolg, we’re going outside!” blurted Rabben right as Pigeor tore open the door and burst into the yard. He glanced up, the stars twinkled against the dark night sky, Palent adding a soft glow to the world below. But the ringbow, the ringbow was the star of this show. All seven colors glowed brightly and magnificently before both ends disappeared over the horizon. Pigeor stared up at the sky, wondering how he had never seen it before.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

Pigeor smiled, “Yeah, it is. My name’s Perin Navir.”

Rabben glanced at him in shock, “You’re a Navir?” Rabben glanced back at the ringbow, “We are really going to change the world, aren’t we?”

“Well, that is what we’re out to do, so, back to training tomorrow.”

The two smiled at the astomi, “Yes, Master Cayos.” Their eyes went back to the glowing ringbow, letting the beauty of the moment wash over them, giving them yet another reason to fight for their world.


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