Petals on the Wind

Petals fall, falling all around

Each one tumbling to the ground

Covering the land in blankets of pink

The trees seem to bow and wink

Satisfied with their little show

While they wait for the fruit to grow


Now pink isn’t the only color to fall down

Take a look at different places around town

There’s a rainbow of petals everywhere!

White like snow here and there

Mingling in with purples and blues

Yellows, oranges, and reds of every hue


It’s like a rainbow sprite descended to the earth

To dance gracefully around in her mirth

For spring has finally come in full bloom

Like a blossoming bride to meet her groom

Who greets us all with a cheerful smile

And beckons to us to come party for awhile


The dawn-colored petals keep falling down

That used to cover the tree like a gown

Now it becomes the carpet upon which it stands

While the wind bends the tree like a conductor’s hand

And birds all around break into song

Making the spring day last so very long


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