Full of Life

The sun is peeking over the horizon

Making the flowers unfurl and open

While leaves sway on top of trees

The rainbow’s footsteps everywhere you see

A colorful dance going around the world

You can almost see where it twirled


Everything seems to wake up and come to life

Painting a scene bereft of strife

Until the landscape seems to be disturbed

But do not worry, be not perturbed

It is just the young ones out at play

Planning on enjoying such a lovely day


Watching them play, watching their fun

It seems that they get their energy from the sun

They run around without even a care

Hiding and seeking here and there

Playing their favorites again and again

Pausing for a breath every now and then


Soon it will be time for them to go eat

Hoping the meal will be followed by a little treat

Only for them to go right back out after

The world seems to sing in time with their laughter

A sound emitted by every girl and boy

A sign of life, of hope, of fun, of joy


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