Easter Vigil

The campfire burns brightly, sending out sparks that float ever further high into the sky to become stars. The bitter wind blows a chilly air around the sight of the gathering crowd. The fire is blessed, and a candle is lit using its flames. The candle makes its way into the church, followed by the crowd who take their seats in the pews. All is dark and cold, save for that one candle. The candle is set before the altar where two boys approach and light two candles. They proceed towards the pews, lighting the first candles they come across. The light is spread from person to person, and soon the church is filled with a soft, warm glow. Water too is blessed, and is sprinkled on to the entire crowd by the priest as he passes down and up the aisles with a little bucket of water. He returns to the altar and prepares for the renewal of Baptismal vows, which is soon taken care of. He turns around, facing the altar and, chanting a few words, practically leads us into another world.

“Gloria in excelsis Deo!” The organ booms overhead as the choir takes over, bells ring, and the church is flooded with light. The message is clear, Jesus has risen, as He said He would, and the shadow of hate first brought by the devil has been chased away by the light of His love! A new day is dawning, a new spring is growing, a new light is glowing, showing the way to His kingdom. Will you follow, will you take your cross and take the path He has blazed? Will you suffer a bit here so that you may enjoy eternity with Him? But if you feel that you have fallen astray, do not fear, He is more than willing to help you back up. You see? He has come down to us! We are doing this in memory of Him, as He requested, the bread has been turned into His Body and the wine into His Blood. Now we can be one with Him for a little while here! Such a joy, such a delight! And to think, we really worked hard at it, we can be with Him forever in Heaven! But for now, this is all we have, the Holy Eucharist, the Holy Mass, reminding us that God was made Man and walked among us for while, and will come again at the end of the world. But for now, let us enjoy the essence of His Sacrifice for us, the path He blazed to lead us home. Let us thank Him, praise Him, glorify His Holy Name and the miracle of the morning, He did rise from the dead as He said He would, and He will come again, for God always keeps His promises. Alleluia!


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