The Bunny & the Roach Queen

Bunny & the Roach Queen

  1. Billy Bona pays a visit to the Dominguez family, bringing with him loads of candy and an intricate garden. Set on the side are four toys that the children quickly claim, the porcelain doll for Clara, the bunny for Christina, the lamb for Gregory, and the chick for his twin Cecilia.
  2. That night, Christina enters the living room, where a strange sight meets her. The toys have all come alive and, led by Christina’s Bunny, have launched a battle against the roaches and their queen. The final showdown between the Bunny and the Roach Queen takes place after they, and Christina, have been transported to another world.
  3. Much to Christina’s surprise, her Bunny was changed into a boy, and the two are greeted by brightly-colored fairies twirling on top of falling petals. The fairies promptly take the two to their leader, the Chocolate Strawberry Fairy.
  4. The Chocolate Strawberry Fairy throws a grand party in commemoration of their arrival, attended by her Kofewalt, the Brownies, the Bauchan, the Dunnie, and the cashew Meliae.
  5. During the party, the Chocolate Strawberry Fairy crowns them king and queen.
  6. Christina finds herself back in her own bed, in her own room, when she wakes up the next morning. She rushes to the living room, but finds that all evidence of the battle the night before is gone, as well as her Bunny. Billy Bona enters at that moment with grand news, he wants them to meet his son, Henry, who, remarkably, looks like the boy Christina’s Bunny changed into.

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