Easter Egg Hunt

Guess what, it’s that time of year

When the Easter Bunny comes here!

Hopping around all through the night

To hide cute little eggs left and right

Sometimes filled with gifts and treats

Like jelly beans and marshmallow peeps

Oh so much fun, I can’t wait!

To head out through the garden gate

After early church on Easter morn

And making sure my best don’t get torn

While I look for eggs, every single one

Filling my basket before heading home

Searching here and there in a rush

Looking in flowers and under bushes

Oh look, here’s one, and there’s another!

Quick, get it before sister and brother!

Hooray, hooray, I got here first!

And now I’m getting quite a thirst

But I have to find the rest of the eggs!

Even though brother insists I go drink a keg

But I must fill up my basket

Soon we’ll see who’s the fastest

Egg after egg we’ll soon find

Using both might and mind

Watch me as I cross the finish line

Got to the porch just in time!

Not only did I get here first

But my basket’s about to burst!

I have to make sure the basket is steady

As now Mom is saying that lunch is ready!

We’ll be back to crack the eggs open

And wait till next year to do it again!

Have a Happy Easter everyone!

I hope you all had fun!


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