North Pole 2: Barn Inspections

Clarence and Brother Joseph trudged through the blinding snow towards their last stop, a series of red, white, and green lights illuminated the outline of the barn. The two stomped their feet upon entering the barn, trying to get off as much of the snow as possible, but their welcome party of nine reindeer led by Rudolph certainly didn’t mind as they licked the snow as quickly as it tumbled off their coats.

“Master Clarence, Brother Joseph! Welcome back to the barn!” grinned George as he grasped their hands in greeting.

Clarence returned the smile, “Thank you, George. Are the animals behaving for you?”

George nodded, “For the most part, I think I have the most problems with the camels, but that’s to be expected seeing as how they’re equipped for the desert.”

Clarence rolled his eyes, “Of course, but you’ve been able to keep their stalls at a reasonable temperature?”

George gave a sheepish smile, “I am, I tried to make it as hot as a desert, but it seems that they enjoy a little chill too.”

Clarence chuckled, “Yes, we’ve spoiled them, they’ll turn up their noses at the camels who do live in the desert!” The three laughed, yes, the camels at the north pole had it pretty good. “But other besides that?”

George shrugged, “Other besides that, things are going smoothly. Want to take a look?”

“Sure, that’s kinda why we’re here,” pointed out Clarence with a grin.

“Right, of course, follow me.” George led them through the barn, and, starting with the reindeer on the top level, went down to the rest of the animals, the horses, the donkeys, the gazelles, the alligators, the kangaroos, and finally the camels. They didn’t stay long with the bad-tempered creatures, only took care of the inspection quickly and rushed back to the top where the friendly reindeer sat, enjoying the chill of the snow.

“Well, everything looks good. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go make my reports to our leaders. Good day, George, stay warm!”

“Good day, George, and be careful.”

“Thanks, the same to the both of you!” The three shook hands before Clarence and Brother Joseph walked out, the two trudging back to Clarence’s office. Between the two of them, the reports were completed fairly quickly.

Clarence sat back with a huff as he glanced at the completed task, “Thank you for all of your help, Brother Joseph, it was most appreciated.”

Brother Joseph smiled, “You are very welcome. Shall I deliver these for you on my way back to the monastery? That should give you some time to get some of this paperwork done.”

Clarence glanced at the pile, “Yes, I would to be able to get a lot of it done as possible, thank you again, my friend.”

“Don’t mention it. Have a great rest of your day, Master Clarence, and I shall see you soon!” Brother Joseph rose from the chair and grabbed the reports before heading towards the door.

“Thank you again, Brother Joseph, and the same to you!” Brother Joseph smiled and gave a little nod before exiting the office, leaving Clarence to finish up the paperwork.


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