Mrs. Claus

We all know the stories, we all know the names, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, Santa Claus, but out of all of them, only one has a wife. Perhaps it’s because the original St. Nicholas was a bishop in Myra, Turkey, and had vowed perpetual chastity that the others do not have wives, but the American Santa Claus most certainly does. But what do we know about Mrs. Claus besides that she is married to the big man himself? She is not often shown in many stories, in fact, in some cases, she is nonexistent, or at least hasn’t been brought into the picture yet. But besides that, who is she? Not much is known about her, though she is similar in two variations, from The Santa Claus and Santa Claus is Coming to Town, a teacher in one and a principal in the other, both who have to learn how to believe not only in her future husband, but in the spirit of Christmas itself. What is the importance of such a character? Does it stem from the fact that many people at the time of her creation was looking for love, that marriage was the only option for many, that being without a spouse wasn’t any fun, or worthwhile? Or could she in fact just be a reincarnation of another character, one that has nearly been forgotten, to prevent the loss of an important character in our culture? You might not know of whom I am talking about. What character has nearly been lost? Have you not noticed the similarities between Mrs. Claus and another elderly lady? I am referring to Mother Goose as being the name of the woman who became Mrs. Claus. Have you not noticed that both wear red, they both have bonnets or hats, and that both wear glasses? Not to mention, what exactly does Mrs. Claus do when the hubby isn’t at home, delivering gifts? She’d only bake Christmas cookies at Christmas time, so what else could she do? Write stories, perhaps? It would make more sense this way as Mrs. Claus really has no other purpose most of the time other besides being the wife of Santa. If she is Mother Goose, that means she is in charge of keeping the stories alive of the greatest legends, her husband included, along with the other greatest of tales. By being the wife of the Guardian of Wonder, she protects the wonder that comes alive from reading the most breathtaking, thrilling tales the world has ever loved. And the tales she protects! They are most certainly growing with each passing year as more and more stories are being invented, found, and cherished by many. There’s no doubt your favorite tales are on her bookshelves as well, simply because you cherish them above all others. By simply reading a book, you open an opportunity for that book to go on her shelf, but it might not ever compare to the bookshelf of timeless classics, stories that we return to again and again. Who better than the wife of Santa to make sure our favorite tales never die? There’s bound to be room in Santa’s workshop somewhere for a gigantic library for her to use. It would make sense, wouldn’t it? Whatever the case may be, whether it was to give Santa a behind-the-scenes companion (pretty worthless, in that case) or to reinvent another character to prevent her from dying out, one thing’s for sure, neither Mrs. Claus or Mother Goose really get that much attention, but they will certainly never fade from our culture if we enjoy the comfort of home and a good book to read by the hearth.


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