The Christmas Tree

The tree is selected from a wide selection, the perfect one for each home. It is carried home with much difficulty and gotten into the house with even more difficulty. But once it’s in, the decorating can begin. First the lights go on, round and round the tree, until every bit of it is on the tree, ready to light up the delicate display. Next, one by one, the ornaments go on. Some the parents will have to put up, others can can go on the lower branches, reachable by the children. There are lots of different kinds of ornaments, some were made, some were bought, some belonging to each member of the family, some belonging to the entire family, some made of glass, some made of wood, others made of cloth. Some are in the shapes of angels, some look like stars, ornaments can be found in many shapes and sizes really, each depending on what each person likes. Some remind of good times past, some commemorating special events, like the baby’s first Christmas, yet others can hold pictures of loved ones past and present. And with such an assortment, whether from collecting them over the years or looking for new ones, it can be a daunting task to decide on which ones go on the tree, even each year sometimes for those with larger collections. But that can only mean that the tree can look different from year to year, changing the look of the tree considerably, or even just a little. Even a changing of where the tree shall stand can provide a drastic change. But that can only add to the mystery and the magic of it all, especially where the tree is concerned. Finally, whether simple or daunting,  whether wild or coordinated, whether an amateur or a pro, the task of putting up the ornaments is finished. Next comes an optional step, whether to put in tinsel. For some, tinsel is basically another ornament, for those and some others, it is used to fill up whatever empty spaces it is deemed necessary. A little here, a little there, and make the tree look look like it has snow! One of the best touches any tree could have. But wait, it’s not done yet! There is one last thing to do, always the last, but always the most fun, especially for the little ones, it seems. In some homes it is a star, in others, an angel. But whatever is chosen, no tree is complete without its topper! Many a child is eager to put up the finishing touch to the tree, often with the aid of their father. Once that is done, everyone can sit back and admire their handiwork, this little put together sculpture designed to bring light, warmth, and beauty into every heart and mind who sees it in the bleak, winter nights. Thus it stands for a month or so, either from the day after Thanksgiving to the day after Christmas, or, in many cultures, from Christmas Eve until Candlemas Day, letting its light and beauty shine through the whole winter long.


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