Shrooge had to force his wolven legs into obeying him, they wanted to run so badly! But then again, perhaps his wolven legs were right to want to, after all, it wasn’t every day that a ghost visits an old friend. If one could call Shrooge and Varley old friends, they had certainly known each other for years, having been partners of their financial business. But the last time Shrooge had seen his partner, he was being lowered into the ground only a week after his death. Well, now the last time Shrooge had seen Varley was ten minutes ago, a ghost bound with chains, moaning under the rattling weight. Which was why he had come, he said, he was giving Shrooge a chance to reform his life, with a visit from three spirits. With that thought going through his head, Shrooge finally got his legs under control, that was preposterous! Three spirits coming to visit him to get him to change his life?

“Gar, grumbul!” he shouted into his empty room. He prepared for bed, but he took a cane with him, just in case. Just because he didn’t believe Varley didn’t mean the encounter hadn’t shaken him, a fact he only slightly acknowledged. But it never hurt to be prepared for anything, except nothing prepared him for what happened when the clock struck one, much less what happened the rest of the night. Varley’s warning came true, Shrooge was visited by three spirits that night, the spirits of Christivity Past, Present, and Future. The Spirit of Christivity Past looked like a pale, glowing lampade who showed him the joys he experienced in the Christivities of his youth. The spirit of Christivity Present looked like a plump bichura decked out in coppers and reds who showed him the joys experienced by people he knew in the Christivity occurring presently. The spirit of Christivity Future was a menacing raven manaia who showed him the shadows of a dismal Christivty that may come all too soon. Thoroughly shaken by all he saw and heard, Shrooge eventually changed his ways, and became a better hamingja than promised, and not a moment too soon, as his change helped to further the fulfillment of a very important prophecy, one that he would not live to see fulfilled.


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