The Scarecrow & the Crow Queen

  1. (The Santos) – Billy Bona visits the Santos farm, bringing Hallowmas gifts for the children to enjoy; a cowboy for fourteen-year-old Charles, a farmgirl for his twin Caroline, a horse for eight-year-old Laura, and a scarecrow for twelve-year-old Angela, along with a miniature, mechanical farm working to a lively Hallowmas tune. The scarecrow accidentally gets torn, forcing Angela to leave him in her reading nook after Billy fixes him.
  2. (The Crow Queen) -Angela wakes up in the middle of the night, just in time to witness a battle between her Scarecrow, leading the other toys from the farm, and the Crow Queen and her crows. She intervenes when her doll is threatened with total destruction, helping the toys send the crows flying home in defeat. But the Crow Queen isn’t finished and, unknown to them, Billy sends them to another world to prevent further damage to the house.
  3. (Dance of the Leaves) – After the battle and the Crow Queen is finally destoryed, Angela and the Scarecrow are surprised with a group of people dancing on the leaves as they float down to the ground. They find out that they are in the land of Harrow on the world Swelani, and they have fulfilled a prophecy.
  4. (Autumn Swelani) Other swela crowd around the two, throwing a lavish party for them, with performances by blondie – brownies (white chocolate), shekas (candy corn), autumn meliae (almond marzipan), kissiae (pumpkin spice), and epimelides (caramel apple).
  5. (Crowned) The two are crowned as honorary Lord and Lady of Harrow as per fulfillment of the prophecy. The celebration continues on into the night, and Angela eventually falls asleep on her throne.
  6. (Richard & Angela) Angela wakes up back in her own bed, in her own room. She bolts out of the bed to check on her scarecrow, and finds him missing. She wakes up her family in her frantic search for him, only to have Billy Bona arrive at the door. Her parents admit him ni, and she blurts out the whole story, ending with the fact that she can’t find the scarecrow now. Billy reassures her, and announces that he wishes to introduce everyone to someone very dear to him. A young boy of about twelve enters the room, and Angela stares at him in shock. He looks exactly like her scarecrow! Billy introduces the boy as his son Richard. Richard reveals to Angela in secret that he was her scarecrow, and explains that he was under a curse. He and Angela go to her reading nook to talk of their adventures while their parents visit, Billy watching them out of the corner of his eye knowingly.

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