Rosary Mysteries

Joyful Virgin dressed in brown
Riding into that little town
Your husband’s looking for a place to stay
Your Baby is coming any day
When He comes is a delight
His presence a much desired sight
Choirs of angels sing the good news
One of whom got the yes from you
Making the shepherds come and see
Wise men from afar on bended knee
For a little Babe both God and King
A day when every bell will ring.

Sorrowful Mother clothed in black
Did you wish you could take it back?
Take down the Body all bloody and torn
Take away the scourging, the insults, the thorn
Make others love Him for Who He is
Anything else would be better than this
But this is all part of the Father’s plan
To prove Their love for every human
You alone know how much He suffers
Yet in your hands receives His burial proper
All who see your face cannot help but cry
For they see the pain of watching Him die.

Oh glorious Queen robed in white!
Go meet your Son wreathed in light!
The angels rejoice for He has risen!
And thank Him for the queen He has given!
To a world fallen to dark powers
May you be always crowned with flowers!
As a sign of great honor and our love
While your Son crowns you with stars from above
And gives you a seat at His side
So like the morning star, a guide
Like the rosy dawn that announces the sun
You point to your Son, the Almighty One.

Oh luminous Teacher clad in grey
Teach your little ones how to pray!
Teach us how to make Him so happy
Without making it seem far too sappy
Help us to focus well upon His words
And not dwell much on bees and birds
Guide us lovingly into His gentle light
Help us be brave when we must stand and fight
For His sacraments and His holy ways
Keep us strong until the end of days
So that we may meet you all as friends
Protect us, Lady, until the very end.


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