Poguk Emerges

She glanced back every few minutes or so, she hated walking alone, especially at this time of night. She knew her parents hated it too, but there was nothing they could about it. If they had more money, she wouldn’t have to do this, but as it was, she had to work to make sure that there was at least food on the table for the little ones. She pulled her coat tighter to keep out the bitter chill of the wind as a thought entered her brain, who else would be out in this weather? The only reason why she had to be out was because of necessity, it was tough trying to make ends meet. She let out a breath as she quickened her pace, but the sound of ruffling leaves made her pause. She took a frightened look around, a cat’s meow met her ears. She let out a giddy sigh of relief, oh my, what a fright! A cat! She let out a soft giggle, there was probably nothing to be worried about, though it was always best to err on the side of caution. Another sound made her pause, this time she glanced around for the broken stick with less fear in her eyes, though her heart was bounding harder than ever. When she didn’t see anything yet again, she trudged forward, moving as quickly as she could against the fierce winds. As she passed an otherwise empty alley, she felt a pair of arms grab her, one pulled her into the alley, the other pushed her in. But everything happened so fast, she didn’t get a chance to scream, not that she needed to now. She could see both braves under the pale moonlight, the one who pulled her into the alley was clad in a black cat suit, complete with a mask, while the other was recognized as a sleazy criminal who kidnapped girls and either sold them into slavery or for sacrifices. The cat brave had continued with the momentum and pulled her behind him, standing between her and the criminal.

“What the? She’s mine, I had her first!”

“What makes you think I’m involved in the same business as you?”
“Then what kind of business are you in?”

“The business of stopping cowardly creeps like you.”
The criminal took a brief look at their apparent height difference before bursting out laughing, “You, stop me! Why, you’re nothing but a puny little rat!” He pushed the cat brave to the side, but he didn’t expect the cat brave to grab his arm and flip him onto his back. The two got into a quick brawl, whatever the cat brave lacked in size certainly made up for it in speed, strength, and courage, eventually binding the criminal tightly to a post. He went back to the main sidewalk and tied a neat little black bow in plain sight of the road. He turned back to the squaw, trembling like a leaf.

“Come, I will take you home.”

“D-do you know where that is?”

The brave nodded, “I’ve been following him, he’s been following you for the past week.” The squaw’s eyes widened, that long? Without another word, the brave picked her up gently and carried her home, Even with the extra weight, he still walked as agile and as graceful as a cat, getting her home rather quickly. He set her down gently in front of her house and turned to walk away, but she stopped him.

“Wait! I, I didn’t thank you for saving my life.”

He turned to her and smiled, “It’s what I do. Good night.”

“But what’s your name?”

“You may call me . . . Poguk.” He gave her a small bow, and disappeared into the night. She turned to her house and knocked on the door, her mother opening it with a cry of relieved joy.

“Kakum, come quick!” she shouted, which brought her father rushing to the door.

He let out a cry of relief as he pulled his daughter close, “You made it home, Pohantas, you made it home.”

“Mama, papa, what’s going on?”

Kakum shook his head, “Nothing to worry about now, my little sun. Come, you must be hungry.”

“Did anything happen on your walk home?”

“Powela!” whispered Kakum warningly. But Pohantas figured it out, they had heard a report about the criminal haunting her route home, and decided to put their minds to rest.

“Oh, nothing but a black cat crossed my path, and he brought me good luck,” she smiled, before letting the warmth and safety of her home envelop her. She did take a glance out the window, and saw a black cat leap away. She smiled as she let the curtain fall back into place, he did bring luck, a lot of luck. And they needed all the luck they could get.


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