His Life

Merida spurred on Angus, looking for any signs of the path her father and the other Scots had taken. “Oh come, on where are they?” she asked in a panic. If she didn’t get to them soon, he would die. Angus gave a little rear as something blue popped out of the ground in front of him. Merida gasped, it was the will-o-the -wisps! More were popping up, giving her a path to follow, at the end, a fire’s glow could be seen bouncing off the rocks. Merida sighed with relief, “Oh, thank you, thank you so much! Let’s go Angus!” The horse rushed forward, speeding up as they passed each wisp until Merida could hear voices, they were almost there.

“Let my son go, you Scottish monster!”

“Me, a monster? Have you looked in the mirror lately? Oh wait, I forgot, you heathens don’t have mirrors!” Merida got a glimpse of the Scots’ backs, they were laughing at her father’s cruel joke.

“Come on, say something else, keep him occupied for just another minute, please!” Merida muttered under her breath as Angus was closing the gap quickly, though she felt it wasn’t quickly enough.

“If you dare harm my son, I will hold nothing back!” roared Stoick, a hint of fear in his voice at the possibility of losing his only son. Merida caught the hint, her own fears urging Angus to go faster. She was finally close enough to see everything, Hiccup bound and gagged to one of the boulders, the Vikings stationed just to the side of the ring, Stoick’s face full of fear and rage, her father about to unleash a volley of arrows into Hiccup. She didn’t stop to think, she pulled on the reigns, making Angus stop, tumbled off, and knocked an arrow into place as she rushed forward to stand between Hiccup and the arrows, aiming it at her father.

“No, get back!”

“Merida! What are you doing? He’s a Viking! And he pushed  young MacIntosh off the cliff!” exclaimed her father.

“Ugh, why won’t you listen to us? No he didn’t! MacIntosh jumped off!”

“Why would my son do such a thing, and lie about it?” asked MacIntosh.

“B-because he saw something,” muttered Merida, glancing down.

“Oh, and what did he see?” Merida glanced up at the Scots, then at the Vikings before turning to face Hiccup. Sighing, she freed him, and kissed him. Everyone gasped.

“Yeah, I’d jump off a cliff meself after seeing that,” quipped MacIntosh. Fergus smacked him, “Ow!”

Merida turned to face her people, “I know Hiccup wasn’t one of the suitors presented, but I choose him.” Their fingers interlaced as Hiccup turned to face his people.

“And I choose Merida. Exile us if you want, but we will have it no other way. The choice lies with you, will we learn to live in peace, or will you exile us because you want to continue fighting each other?” The chiefs glanced between each other and their feet, seemingly unsure of what to do. Hiccup glanced back at Merida, she gave his hand a squeeze and smiled.

“Well, I don’t know, we’ve fought the Vikings for so long, it would be kinda hard to get used to it,” stated Fergus.

“Not really, your majesty, I’ve learned a lot about your people from Merida, we’re really not that different.”

“Well, if ya say so.”

“Besides, we can help you keep the Romans away, and you can help us fight off other Vikings. Yes, even we have Viking problems.” Hiccup glanced at his father.

Stoick nodded as he stepped into the ring of stones,” Hiccup is right, about both of those. We can help you fight the Romans, and you can help us fight other Viking tribes. If you’d like.”

Fergus rubbed his chin, “Well, that’s certainly a nice-sounding proposition, but how will we be able to tell you apart from other Vikings?”

“Um, we wouldn’t fire upon you,” replied Stoick.

“And I could come up with secret codes and whatnot,” suggested Hiccup.

“Well, I guess there’s only one thing to do then,” stated Fergus. Everyone gasped as he unsheathed his sword, and planted in the ground, holding out his hand to Stoick. A smile spread across Stoick’s face as he too unsheathed his sword and stuck it in the ground, reaching over and shaking Fergus’ hand. A cheer went up from both sides as Scots and Vikings raced forward to shake hands, dropping their weapons as they went.

“Hiccup, you did it!” squealed Merida.

Hiccup shook his head, “No, we did it.” He glanced at her beaming face, and pulled her in for a kiss before they were separated by their fathers for the triumphant return to Dunbroch castle.


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