Scooby’s Quest 4: Wheels Versus Legs

“So, what do we do now?” asked Jonny as the Mystery Machine sped away from his house.

“Yeah, like, this has gone up the creepy scale!”

“Reah, really reepy,” echoed Scooby.

“The same thing we’ve always done, gang, find the clues, trap the monster, and solve the mystery.”

“Like, I was afraid you were going to say that. Zoinks!” shouted Shaggy as he jumped into the very back.

“What is it/” asked Hadji.

“Like, there’s something moving in that suitcase.” Jonny leaned over and opened it before bursting out laughing.

“So that’s where you’ve been hiding, Bandit. I guess the spiders overlooked you.”

“Aw, he’s so cute,” said Daphne as she petted the little dog.

“Well, good, with an extra nose, maybe  we can solve this mystery a lot faster.”

“Like, I didn’t want to get involved in the first place.”

“Look on the bright side, Shaggy, you and Scooby won’t be the bait this time.”


“Like Scoob said, huh?”

“What do you mean by that, Daphne?” asked Jessie.

Velma turned to look back, “The spiders are more likely to go after Jessie and Jonny because of their dads.”

“Oh, right. Hear that, bud, like, we don’t have to be bait for once!”

“Reah! Rippee!” The gang laughed.

Jonny chuckled, “Sounds like you guys get chased a lot, huh?”

“Like man, you have no idea. Daphne is danger-prone but, like, Scoob and I seem to be magnets for scary stuff.”

“Basically,” chuckled Fred.

“Jinkies! Don’t look now, but that creep and his spider goons are following us!”

“Zoinks! And they’re gaining fast!”

“Hang on gang,” stated Fred, hitting the gas. The van lurched forward, and the chase was on. Fred expertly drove through the city, screeching around tight corners, loopholing around the town center, and squeezing through alleys.

“Jeepers, he’s not giving up!”

“Like, those spiders are climbing over houses just as easily, like . . . like real spiders!”

“Thank you Shaggy, not now!” exclaimed Velma, holding on to her seat as the van screeched around another tight corner.

“Gosh, hmm . . . I wonder . . .”

“Jonny, what are you doing?” Hadji asked as Jonny pulled out two pieces of paper and found a pencil.

Jonny placed one paper over the other, explaining as he drew, “What if he’s not after me and Jess? What if he’s actually after this piece of paper we found of Dad’s work?”

“Hmm . . . that’s an idea, let’s see if it will work. Hang on.” Fred drove under a bridge, pulled over, and parked the van, turning off the lights. “Alright, you might have about five minutes.”

“Right,” Jonny replied, drawing as quickly as he could.

“Um, Jonny, that’s not right . . ,” began Hadji as he looked over his friend’s shoulder.

“Exactly, it will give Race and Dad some stalling time, and I’ll work in a message. Hopefully they’ll get it and hopefully they can send us some clue of where they’re being held.”

“Great, but, like, hurry it up man, I think ole spider legs just figured out where we are!”

“Got it! Fred, be ready to lose this baby out the window as we drive past that tree up ahead,” said Jonny, handing Fred the fake copy.

Fred grinned, “Right.”

“But, like, what if spider legs really is after you and Jess?”

“Then this should give us some time to get to a cave further down the road that we can hide in, Mystery Machine and all.”

“Wait! I think someone should stay behind to see if it actually works!”

“Good idea Jess. I’ll stay, I know where the cave is,” volunteered Hadji.

“I’ll stay with him,” said Velma as she unbuckled.

“OK, but you two be careful,” Jessie called after them as they got out.

Hadji nodded, “We will.” He closed the door before he and Velma moved further under the bridge.

“Alright, everyone hang on tight, this one’s going to be a doozy.” Fred glanced at his rearview mirror, the spider humanoid and his spider robots were just arriving at the bridge. He flicked on the brights, slightly blinding the spiders, before taking off.

“After them!” Velma and Hadji heard the spider master shriek. The spider robots rushed forward, but paused at the other side of the bridge, Fred had dropped the fake. The spider master picked it up, browsing its contents.

It cackled, “This is it! Finally, we can return to Fort Knox, now Dr Quest can finish his project without interruptions or excuses, or else his son is the next target.” With that, the spider creature and his robots took off. Only when they were certain that the spider quad was gone did Velma and Hadji speak.

“Jinkies! Fort Knox! But that’s in Kentucky, and heavily guarded!”

Hadji rubbed his chin, “Hmm . . . I think there is another Fort Knox, Velma. We need to catch up with the others and find for sure!” The two began walking, Hadji leading the way to the cave. About halfway there, a pair of lights sped towards them.

“What are you guys doing back out here? I thought we were going to report to you in the cave!” exclaimed Hadji when the Mystery Machine pulled over to let them in.

“Well, we figured that since the spiders hadn’t gone by in five minutes, they were looking for the Dr.’s paper.”

“You were right, they were only looking for the paper, at least for now.”

“If Dr. Quest did nothing, then they would be back, for Jonny,” continued Hadji, glancing at his friend.

“Jeepers! Then we have to figure out where those spiders have taken them!”

“Well, about that, we did overhear him mention going back to Fort Knox . . .” began Velma.

“Fort Knox! Like, isn’t that heavily guarded?”

“And back in Kentucky!”

“Actually, there is another Fort Knox, here in Maine!” exclaimed Jessie.


“Yeah, pull over at the nearest diner, there should be enough internet for me to pull up a map and show you.” Fred pulled into the parking lot of the first diner they came to, and the entire group crowded into a couple of booths, ordering a bit of a midnight snack, though for Shaggy and Scooby, it looked more like a meal.

“What? We, like, have to keep our energy up for when we run from the spiders,” explained Shaggy when Hadji shot him and Scooby a surprised glance. Jessie, on the other hand, had found what she was looking for.

“See? Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine, it’s a little under an hour from here,” she told them, pointing out their destination on the web map.

“Of course, the perfect place! It’s abandoned and rumored to be haunted.”

“Zoinks! Haunted! Like man, this just gets worse and worse!”

“Raunted! Roh ro!”

“But now we know where to start looking for Dad and Race, we should get going!” Jonny quickly stood up.

Fred nodded, “Right, we’ll tank up first, and head out, we shouldn’t be too far behind that spider creep.” The group nodded their consent before paying their bill and heading back out to the Mystery Machine. After tanking up, they drove off, straight for Prospect, with a prospect of danger.


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