Scooby’s Quest 3: Get Away Van

“How did you know about Dr. Quest and Race disappearing?” Velma asked the professor as they sat down to some hot chocolate.

“I tried calling the place, and nobody answered. He was supposed to call tonight, there were a few last things we were going to go over before putting the pieces together.”

“Putting the pieces together?”

Professor Carlson nodded after taking a sip, “Yes, we had decided to work on different pieces separately. Benton had told me it would be faster if we worked specifically on certain parts, now I’m wondering if it was because he knew there was a danger and he was protecting me, making sure at least one of us would be around to finish it.” The professor sighed as he sank his head in his hands, “And now both men and the remaining pieces are gone. I can’t finish it without them!”

“Don’t worry Professor, we’re working on getting them back,” Fred informed him.

“You? But what can you do, you’re just kids!”

Fred glanced at the others before explaining, “I don’t know if you know us, but the four of us and Scooby are Mystery Incorporated, and we’ve solved dozens of mysteries before. Not only that, but Jonny, Hadji, and Jessie have helped Dr. Quest and Race solve a few of their own mysteries. We can definitely do it.”

The professor shook his head, sighing, “I don’t know, this might prove to be too much for you.”

“At least let us try. We have to do something! The note told us not to go to the police!” exclaimed Jonny.

“I know, but I know of people who aren’t police who can help.”

“Professor Carlson, let us give it a try first. If we can’t find them by next week, you can call your friends in. We’ll give them everything we’ve found by then,” suggested Velma.

The professor rubbed his chin, “Just for a week?”


“I guess so, but on one other condition, if it gets too dangerous you pull out and let my friends take over. I don’t want anything happening to you kids, especially Jonny and Jessie. I’m sure Benton and Race would like to come home with their kids in one piece.” The teens glanced at each other, nodding in agreement.

“Alright, Professor, we have a deal.” Carlson rose and shook hands with Fred and Jonny.

“Wonderful, good luck, and be careful. I’d better get back now and hide my half of the project, just in case.”

“Right, good luck to you too, Professor.” Fred and Jonny saw him out the door, the two thinking along the same lines, wanting to see his car. It was a brown sedan he got into, not the black car speeding away earlier.

“Well, apparently it wasn’t Professor Carlson we saw earlier,” stated Jonny as he and Fred reentered the house.

“Right, but he did look a lot like him, didn’t it?”

“Yeah, he kinda did.”

“So, why didn’t you guys want to show the Professor the blueprints we found?” Jessie asked when Fred and Jonny returned to the kitchen.

Velma explained, “Because there could be another reason why Dr. Quest had the project split up, he didn’t trust Professor Carlson.”

“Right, just because we now know that someone else was in this house doesn’t eliminate the professor from our list of suspects.”

“Man, you guys know how to cover all the bases, huh?”

“I think they have to, they have had lots of experience, Jonny.”

“That’s right, Hadji,” Velma smiled.

“So what should we do now?” asked Jessie.

“Well, I think we should get back to preparing for a quick get-away. Look for any clues that our mysterious visitor might have left behind. I would like to have some idea of what we’re up against.”

“Yeah, like, we already know, Fred. Giant spiders, mad scientists, and possibly spies!”

“Shaggy!” everyone berated him.

“What? Like, we are still dealing with giant spiders.”

“Right, giant, robotic spiders,” muttered Jonny.

“Jonny, are you thinking . . .?”

“Dr. Zin? Yes I am, he’s the only one I know of who’s got anything like this. And this wouldn’t be the first time.”

“OK, then we have another suspect. We still have to find out who visited earlier, why they were here, and where Dr. Quest and Race are being held prisoner.”

“And, like, keep ourselves alive.”

Fred sighed, “Right, come on, let’s get going. We’ve got a long week ahead of us.” Fred led Jonny out of the house, while the girls went upstairs, leaving Hadji, Shaggy, and Scooby in the kitchen.

“We must be quick,” began Hadji.

“Like, why, man?”

“Because I am tired and I want to sleep.”

“Oh, right man, me too. What about you Scoob?”

“Reah, re roo.”

“Then let us get started,” Hadji stated, heading to the pantry. Shaggy and Scooby went the fridge and pulled out sandwich makings, the two working quickly to make a dozen sandwiches. Hadji watched them open-mouthed, though he began packing them in the picnic pack with chips and soda. “Wow, you are fast!”

“Yeah, like, being a detective has taught us fast reflexes.” A low moan sounded behind them. “Uh, Scoob, like, was that your stomach?”

Scoob shook his head, “Ruh-uh, rou?”

“Nope, uh, Hadji?”

Hadji shook his head, “No.” The three slowly turned to peek behind them, a half-human, half spider creature stood menacingly over their heads.

“Where are the blueprints?” hissed the creature.

“Like, out the door and down the road,” quipped Shaggy as he and Scooby grabbed Hadji and the food, bolting out of the kitchen.

“You will not escape me!” screeched the creature, trying to follow. Shaggy and Scooby set Hadji and the food by the front door before grabbing and piling up furniture in front of the kitchen door. The human-spider screeched as it tried to open the door. The girls came rushing down the stairs.

“Shaggy, Scooby, Hadji, what’s going on?” asked Velma.

“L-like, th-there’s a h-human spider in there!” Shaggy exclaimed as he and Scooby grabbed Hadji and the food and bolted out the front door. As if to prove Shaggy right, the creature gave out a blood-curdling screech.

“Jeepers, we should be going too!”

“Let’s grab the clothes first!” said Jessie. The girls raced back up the stairs, grabbed the luggage, and dashed to the Mystery Machine. Fred had the van ready to go, so as soon as the girls hopped in, they were off.


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