Last Stand

They didn’t know how, but they ended up back to back to each other, she shooting arrows through the black horses as fast as she could, he blasting them out of the sky. However it happened, it didn’t matter, it just felt good having someone watching their backs. She dared a glance at him as she gathered some close-by arrows, his black suit glistened in the sunlight, sweat pouring profusely off his face as his famous blue fireballs streaked through horse after horse. Her attention went back to the advancing nightmares, and withdrew her sword, they were getting close enough for close combat, and she needed to conserve arrows for emergency. She sliced through horse after horse, going through them as fast as she could, but there was more still coming.

“Everybody! If you can hear me, rendezvous at the town center, where the ship is! We need to hold them off for as long as we can until all of the civilians are evacuated!” The two glanced at each other, and nodded, they both had heard.

“Justin, this is Hiccup, Merida and I are on our way!” Several spots on his armour glowed blue before he sent out a massive burst of blue light, decimating hundreds of horses for miles around.

“Hiccup! Why’d you do that?” shouted Morrigan as he grabbed her wrist and began running towards the center of the city. “You know it won’t be charged fast enough!”

“It doesn’t matter! We’ll stand a better chance as a team, together! Come on!” The two took off into the sky, Merida’s grey cloak billowing in the wind behind her. It wasn’t long before they noticed a glint and flew towards it, Justin waving his well-known shield. The familiar crown atop a sword lowered when he saw them approaching. Hiccup and Merida glanced around, Shrek, Mavis, Rapunzel, and the newest recruits, the twins Jack and Elsa, and Sandy, were already there.

“Did you just emit the Nightfury Blast?” Justin asked the instance they landed, getting in Hiccup’s face.

“I had to, Justin,” Hiccup shot back.

“Guys! We don’t have the time for this!” blurted Mavis, pointing at the sky. There was Pitch Black coming in.

“So, the whole group’s here, perfect. Now I can take you all out in one, swift blow.”

“Oh, and the previous attempts on our lives didn’t count because that was the best you got?” asked Jack, grinning. Pitch growled, the white-haired boy was really getting on his nerves. But a smile grew on his face that turned into a chuckle as he raised his hands, and a whole horde of nightmares approached on every side.

Hiccup sighed, “You had to mention that, didn’t you.”

Pitch cackled, “Prepare to die, Guardians!”

“More like prepare to kick some horse ninnies, because I am getting tired of this!” roared Shrek.

Justin grinned at him, “That’s the spirit, Shrek, let’s finish this once and for all!!” Pitch sent the horde towards them, but they were ready. Hiccup’s mask dropped over his face and began flying around, knocking off horses with fireballs. Shrek rammed into several more, tearing every single one he could get his hands on. Merida shot a few arrows before switching to her sword, keeping in time with Justin’s sword and shield as they took out about a dozen at a time. Elsa and Jack sent icicles and waves of snow to clobber the nightmares, Jack sometimes using a staff he found to whack the horses. Rapunzel and Sandy used golden whips to slice through the horses at an alarming rate, while Mavis sent red electric bolts through them, sometimes using her mind powers to get them to crash into each other. Within a few minutes, they had vanquished more than half of Pitch’s legion, but he wasn’t done yet. He tried to get  to the spaceship, but Sandy blocked him and sent him hurtling. Before Pitch could get back up, Sandy sent a stream of golden dreamsand at him, Hiccup helping by sending a wave of blue fire, with Mavis finishing it up with a few bolts of red lightning. They stopped, Pitch was still alive, but his clothes were torn and his breath came out in gasps.

He glanced up, “You know . . . ah!” Shrek had run up and sent him flying.

“Nicely put, Shrek,” smirked Mavis. Shrek turned and roared at the remaining nightmares, and they took off running. “Shrek, we can’t let them leave!”

“Don’t worry, they won’t. Dragon Riders! Make sure those nightmares don’t leave the city!”

“Oh now we get to fight.”

“Sweet! This is going to be so much fun! Ready sis?”

“Ready!” They saw a few streaks in the sky, decimating the nightmares.

“Hiccup, about your idea . . .”

“Yeah, I’ve already explained it to Mavis.” Mavis nodded and shot Justin a look.

Justin nodded in return, “Alright, the rest of you get to the ships! I’ll check for any stragglers before joining you.”

“What about the core?” asked Rapunzel.

“I’ll take care of it.” Elsa and Rapunzel shared a glance, “It’s my job.” Rapunzel gave a slight nod before taking off.

Merida moved to follow, but Hiccup stopped her, “Listen, Mer, if this doesn’t work . . .”

She shushed him with a kiss, “Don’t speak like that, it will. You’ve been right before, you’ll be right about this. I believe in you.” Hiccup heaved a sigh and scrutinized her, her red curls tumbling down her grey cloak, her bow and quiver strapped to her back, her sword strapped to her belt, her torn, black leggings, her plaid mini skirt, her green shirt, her bright blue eyes. He wanted to remember everything, just in case. He shushed his thoughts with another kiss before replying to Mavis’ calls and left. Merida bit her lip as she watched him go, engraving every detail into her brain, his crooked smile, his green eyes, the way he looked ridiculous with that stupid fin sticking out of his back, and his amazing black dragon-inspired armour. She hadn’t wanted to let him know her worst fears, that she was afraid of losing him this day. But there was still a hope lingering in her chest, they had made it through before, they would most likely make it through yet again.


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