Return to the Island: Mayre’s Friends

“Mayre, what happened to your tail?” exclaimed Jim when he saw his friend walking onto the Jolly Roger.

She smiled, “I’m sorry, in all the excitement I forgot to tell you, I’m actually human. The mermaids of Oz, or the sea fairies, as we call them, give me fins so that I can explore the oceans. But I can’t change my fins into legs at will, they have to do it for me.”

Jim smiled back, “I see, well, thanks for coming to our rescue.”

“Not a problem, I’m just glad we got here in time before anything bad happened,” she replied, glancing around the ship. Several strange creatures were busy rounding up the cards and the pirates with the help of the children. Mayre glanced back at Jim as he crossed the deck to look over the ship’s railing, worry clearly written all over his face, nervously glancing back and forth between the Darlings and the sea. Mayre joined his side, along with two elegantly dressed ladies, one taller than the other.

“Jim, did something happen?” Mayre whispered.

Jim gritted his teeth, “Hook took Wendy and jumped into the sea. Peter went after them.”

“What do these people look like?” asked the taller lady. Jim glanced at her, her rich, red locks falling around her shoulders and her blue eyes seemed to know more than what they let on. Sighing, he described what the missing trio looked like, then watched as the elegant beauty whispered something to a bald man and the smaller beauty standing next to her before walking off towards their ship. Jim glanced at Mayre, his eyes begging for an explanation.

“Now don’t you worry, Oscar, Glinda, and Princess Ozma will take care of everything. They’re three of the most powerful magicians in all of Oz,” Mayre boasted.

“Why, there ye are, Trot, been wondering where ye been hiding midst this round-up,” stated a sea-faring voice. The sound of it made Jim jump, not relishing the unpleasant memories he associated with the accent. He turned to see the owner of the voice, and practically yelped. There, standing a few feet in front of him, was a peg-legged sailor, the last of his hair all white.

“Sorry if I made you worry, Cap’n Bill, but I wanted to see if Jim here was alright. Oh, how rude of me, I haven’t introduced you to anyone yet! Cap’n Bill, this is Jim Hawkins. Jim, this is Bill Weedles. He was first mate to my papa for several years, but we always call him Cap’n Bill.”

“Nice to meet you,” Jim said.

“Pleased to meet ye too, my boy. Trot here has been speaking tons about ye,” Cap’n Bill winked as he gave Jim a hearty handshake. Jim glanced at Mayre.
“Oh, yes, Trot’s been my nickname since I first started walking. I’ve been introducing myself as Mayre when I’m a mermaid so that I could get more information out of the mermaids. You know how they are around humans,” explained Mayre, or Trot. Jim nodded, then his eyes grew wide as gasping could be heard. He rushed to the source of the sounds, followed by Trot, Cap’n Bill, and the rest of the children. There, laying together on the plank, gasping for air, were Peter and Wendy. Both sprang to their feet as a hook came crashing down on the plank, not far from where Peter’s foot had been. The next thing they knew, a furious, dripping Hook pulled himself onto the plank and brandished his sword. In response, Peter unsheathed his dagger, placing himself between Hook and Wendy.

“Back up, lads” whispered Cap’n Bill, getting the young ones away fro the plank, giving them room to get back on board.

“This isn’t over yet, boy!” yelled Hook, lounging at Peter. Wendy screamed as metal clashed against metal, the two furiously dueling it out, while Cap’n bill, Trot, and Jim began ushering everyone else to safety on Princess Ozma’s ship.


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