Return to the Island: Journey Home

After the children had helped Ozma with the inhabitants of Wonderland in welcoming their new kings and queens, they explored the island for a few days, until one special day.

“Alice, you’re flying!” exclaimed Pinocchio as she floated into the air. He quickly joined her, grabbed her hands, and the two spun around in joy.

“Oh Alice, that’s so wonderful!” exclaimed Wendy as she joined her friends in the air.

“Perfect timing, on to Oz!” The children cheered and flew to the magical country, following the now pixie-dust-covered Ozmite ship. They explored the country with Dorothy and Trot as guides, before Wendy called for a stop.

“We have to go home,” she explained. A lot of groans answered her.

“But we’re having so much fun!” whined Michael.

“We must go home, our families must be worried sick about us!”

“Wendy’s right, we’ve been away for almost two weeks, it’s time to go home,” said Jim, reluctantly backing her up, though he knew she was right. The children finally consented and prepared to leave, but not before getting a promise from Princess Ozma to check on them from time to time, even willing to use her magic belt to bring them for visits. That lifted Peter’s spirits enough for him to escort the children home, knowing that the chances of seeing them again were higher. The flight back was mainly quiet, the children sad at leaving and tired from all of the adventures. Before long, they were grateful to be back at the Darling residence, the night a silent echo of memories. Wendy and Alice got everyone to bed, the two the last to turn in. Though Alice immediately went to sleep, Wendy lingered by the window, not wanting to tell Peter goodbye just yet, nor did he want to either.

“So, Ozma will check up on you from time to time, and . . .”

“I know Peter, we all know, that’s the only reason why our parting was much more bearable. We know we’ll see each other again soon.”

“Well, it better be soon, because you won’t be allowed in Neverland anymore once you’re a grown-up.”

“But I am allowed in Oz,” Wendy smiled.

Peter grinned back, “That’s true, Oz is an amazing place.”

“Yes it is.” They grew silent for a few minutes, Tinker Bell the only one moving. She finally grew tired of being by the Darling residence and pulled on Peter’s hair to hurry him up.

“Alright Tink, alright, we’ll go. Bye Wendy.”

“Goodbye Peter, until next time.” He grinned, but his face quickly changed to surprise when Wendy leaned in and kissed his cheek. Tink silently fumed, giving Peter’s hair a harder tug to get him moving. Peter gave Wendy one final smile before flying off with Tink darting around his head. Wendy watched them disappear into the stars before turning herself in for the night.


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