Return to the Island: Final Showdown

Wendy began climbing frantically to the uppermost spar of the mast while Peter continued battling it out with Hook, giving her a chance to get to safety. They kept at it for several more minutes, steel whooshing through the air, metal clanging as the blades met again and again. Then, unknown by everyone watching how it was done, Hook managed to knock Peter off his feet and sent him sprawling over the deck. Wendy screamed, for then Hook turned his attention to her and was climbing the only ladder to the top of the mast. Peter was roused by Wendy’s scream, and flew immediately to her aid, just in time to block Hook’s attack.

“It’s over for you, boy!” Hook yelled, slashing relentlessly with both hook and sword at his hated enemy.

“Not yet!” came Peter’s response as he dodged and parried Hook’s attacks, all while making sure Wendy didn’t get hurt. Then, a distinct sound reached their ears. “Tinkerbell!” Peter exclaimed with relief, as the fairy began sprinkling fairy dust over Wendy with a slight scowl on her face. She still didn’t like Wendy, but at least she understood that Peter did and if Peter was to get to safety, so too would Wendy. The girl floated up into the air once she got a hold of a happy thought, leaving Peter to face Hook alone yet again. But the boy, seeing that Wendy was well out of danger, put his daring plan into action. He struck at Hook, and missed. Hook, seeing an opening, lunged for the boy, but Peter tripped him instead, sending his cutlass to the deck. hook rose to face his foe. “I have the upper hand, Hook, surrender!”

“Surrender, to you, a boy? Never!” Hook growled as he slashed at some rope and swung away. Peter acted like he would follow at first, then changed his direction, to Wendy.

“Are you alright?” he asked as they hugged.
“I’m fine, what about you?”

“Well, defeating the codfish always feels great!” grinned Peter. Wendy laughed, even Tinkerbell had to grin. But the cheeriness quickly faded away when several shouts of “Look out!” caused them to notice Hook. It happened so fast that there was nothing Peter could do as Hook swung back and nabbed Wendy, pinning her to another mast with his hook around her throat.

“Surrender to me, Pan, or your Wendy will meet her maker!” Hook growled.

“Not today, Hook!” Peter shouted as he threw his dagger at the rope Hook was hanging on to. Peter’s dagger hit its mark, and Hook screamed as he fell towards the deck. “Hey Captain, you forgot your anchor!” Peter shouted, as he dropped the Jolly Roger’s anchor after Hook. Hook’s hook latched onto a hole at the top of the anchor, and the two fell through the ship into the sea. Whatever was at the bottom of the sea had frightened Hook so much that he was scrambling back onto his sinking ship. Peter and Wendy watched from higher up while their friends watched from the deck of Princess Ozma’s ship as a giant crocodile, with the help of an octopus, followed Hook.

“Help me!” shrieked Hook as the two giants tried helping each other reach him.

“You know the rules, Captain, a good captain always goes down with his ship,” replied Peter, taking off his hat in mock sorrow. Wendy just shrugged.

“But I don’t want to be a good captain!” Hook whined, right before the octopus nabbed him. The two went down with the ship. Peter sent out a mighty crow as Hook resurfaced and swam to his men, who had somehow managed to find a dinghy. They helped their captain into the dinghy, but then the started to scream as the octopus and the crocodile began licking their lips and chased the pirates out to sea.



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